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I'd be interested after hearing a demo of the original non Copper Turbines I absolutely loved it, but since being a uni/college student, spending big is tough.


Current DAP is my Zune 30GB + FiiO E5 and my own homebrew headphones these days.


All genre songs.

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I'm interested i this very much.


I currently have the Turbine Pro and and have noted the slightly recessed midrange and am actually thinking of buying the Golds.  I have a Westone 2 on order and own the Mee M6, Shure E2c currently.


My players are Clip +, Fuze V2 and Soundblaster Audigy Pro Gold (iirc).  I am also experimenting with Rockbox. 


My only amp right now is the Fio E5

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Have already signed up for this on FB. As I have a Solo/RxII/iPod Classic combination, I would be able to evaluate these with one of the best possible portable audio sources around.


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I'm interested. I have never heard either model prior.

  My current main system is :LCD2 >Woo Audio 6SE Amp >Meir ConcertoStageDAC > flac files on my computer

My first entry system is HD650>MK Little Dot IV SE Amp

I would test these on my main system, and also use them with my ipod.


I listen to all music, recently mostly POP and HIP HOP



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I would love to try them out.  I don't have any experience with Monster IEMs but have heard that the Turbines are a fantastic line.  I'm currently using DT770s being fed through a little DIY amp based on the LME49860 OP-Amp (that seems to be getting constant upgrades, at least monthly, sometimes faster) that is connected to my X-Fi Titanium HD playing FLAC files (a few 320kbps MP3s as well.)  I listen to a wide variety of music from Happy Hardcore to Classical to Metal to Pop and Country.  A little rap here and there but lightly.  I also make my own music in FL Studio 9, so accurate sound is a big plus.


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I would be very interested in participating.  I have had my Grado SR-60 for a number of years and want to go in-ear so I am starting to test all the good buds that are available.

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I would be interested in this. I have the Miles Davis Tributes already but would love to try and review the coppers.

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Hello Monster!


I am very interested in participating, because life is TOO SHORT to listen to bad earphones! 


I have owned the regular Turbine, and I have listened to the MTPCs before but only briefly. I was impressed even though it has not fully burned-in yet. I am very eager for a chance to get intimate with the MTPCs for extended listening! 


My current setup is: TF10/IE7/A8/EW9/CK10 < Fiio E7 < iPhone 4 < Apple Lossless on my Alienware (if that matters ;p).


Have owned many more IEMs including mid/high end ones from Shure, Sleek Audio, Grado, etc. I prefer balanced frequency response yet the sound has to be fun and musical, and not too cold or lifeless. 


I'm into classic rock, symphonic metal, rock in general, American standards/oldies/vocals, various pop musics (American pop, Chinese pop, Japanese pop, Korean pop, etc), and some film soundtracks like LOTRs and stuff.


Here's hoping I'd be selected! (fingers crossed)



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Home listening: I currently use my custom built PC with an intel i7 930 with Gigabyte X58A motherboard and a ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card with Klipsch Image One headphones. Sold my ATH-M50s. I listen to CDs on my PC.  Did have the Studio Beats but the hiss was terrible. 


Mobile Listening: I have a Verizon Iphone 4 jailbroken and Samsung Galaxy Tab. I listen to Apple lossless files and use Monster Turbines (w/comply foam t-400 tips), Klipsch X10i, Klipsch s4, and Beats Tour earphones. 


Music: T.I, Paul Oakenfold, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Adele, Eminem, Linkin Park and Third Day.


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I would be quite interested in reviewing them.  I currently use lossless files to a uDac to fiio e9 and then to a dt770 250 ohm, or modded grado sr80's, AKG sextetts, re-zeros, or westone UM1.  For portable I often use my htc evo with 320kbps files to my westone UM1s or meelec m6, if I need an amp I'll use a mini3.


I tend to like rock and trance music primarily, but what I listen to for producing is whatever I am given.  I have not heard monster turbines as I haven't had a chance to audition them and I like to audition headphones before I purchase them but am rather interested in hearing them.

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I am new to Head-Fi and still in the first year of my audio journey. My journey started with a pair of JVC HA-RX700's that I modded based on TopPop's recommendations along with an X-Fi Fatal1ty that I modded with an LM4562 opamp. From there I transitioned to my current setup which consists of an X-Fi Titanium HD, FiiO E9, and Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm. I just started using Foobar a few months ago and am still in the process of ripping all of my cds to FLAC.


Having said that, I believe I could present a fresh, unbiased review of the Monster Turbines and evaluate Monster's claim of honest and accurate music reproduction based on my experiences with my current setup, which is fairly neutral from what I have read here on Head-Fi.


As for musical tastes, I have a fairly wide palate ranging from various kinds of rock and alternative to classical, jazz, techno, and even some pop and rap. I have never owned a Monster product and am curious to give them a listen. Thanks for the opportunity Monster and Head-Fi.

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Sign me up!

I have owned the gold before.

Current setup is desktop Zodiac+ with sonciweld diverter.

Portable is iphone 3gs with graham slee voyager and diy cmoy's.

Hi have IE8, playaz N3, JVC fx500, HD650, LCD2, HiFi 780, Denon AHD2000 modded,  and have owned a large variety of earphones/headphones. (Ultrasone ed9, RE262, dt990 600ohm, Proline750 etc.)

I listen to a bit of everything but mainly, R&b, pop, classical, indy +popular/current music.

Would love to do a review for the you guys, I absolutely love the monster brand especially the turbine/pro line.

Also music is all lossless and some hi-rez 24/96.


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I would definitely be interested in this "Turbine Challenge". Yes I am an extreme audiophile. Music is very important to what i do each and every day. I already have music with my iPod, so the only thing that stands in my between the music and me is the quality that these headphones give out. The headphones are a great necessity when listening to music no matter where you are. My main point in that is that the quality in those headphones of what they can do is what you hear.


I have not had any sort of Turbines, but I am familiar with the Monster Cable products. I have had Beats by Dre Tours- they were exceptionally great also since they lasted the longest out of all my headphones and had great highs as well as bass with balance everywhere too, Monster: Lil' Jams-They were fine with the lower prices than the other headphones but with these "indestructible" headphones, the right ear bud did give out, also the bass wasn't as expected with little rattling and unclear highs as the last pair had, and my last ones were Beats by Dre: iBeats, known to be Monster's cheapest yet high music quality headphones they have on the market at the moment and were also great headphones with above average quality in sound, but again, the buds gave out all at once after two months.


Just to note, I do take great care of everything i buy or own, especially paying so much for these headphones just to satisfy my high quality-educated ears. Now after the Beats by Dre: Tours, I can't really have any ordinary headphones with hearing every little defect. I do feel that i can give a great review in detail of what people need to know before paying some money on headphones that may not be the best or worth the money. With reviewing these headphones, I can tell people with or without an educated ear on what the pros and cons are.


Knowing just how much effort Monster puts in their headphones, it seems I would like to try some other ones out to see if the more money you pay, the more you get out of it. I would like to buy these headphones, or even some Monster: Miles Davis Tributes, but the problem is however, the money to buy these high quality headphones.


Yes I do favor in-ear headphones since they are much more concealable and unnoticeable than over ears such as Beats by Dre: Studios. They are also great headphones, but then again, the amount of money stops me at that cart before clicking "Check Out".


I listen to a variety of music: Dubstep, Techno, Trance, Country, Classical, Jazz, Rock, R&B. Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Soft Rock, and Acoustics.

When listening to some Jack Johnson to Basshunter, or even Black Eyed Peas to Red Hot Chili Peppers, the quality that the headphones can give make the music that much better.


As a musician I do enjoy hearing music with the highs of the flutes in classical to the heavy bass in Techno. It's just nice to hear all the things that the artist want you to hear. When an artist makes a song, they add so much detail into the song that makes it sounds great. But with some average headphones, you're only listening to half the song.


For a "setup" to listen to music, I would have my laptop that I can hook up to some Temporary Sony headphones I have at the moment to not make too much noise at those sleepless nights before test just go right by so much easier with the only thing people hearing is the silent sound of my pencil hitting the paper. I usually listen on the go though mainly with my iPod Touch 8gb and just walk around or ride a longboard. The music in my ears make it all the more enjoyable but not as much with only hearing half the song. 


Now please with all that being said, I would enjoy reviewing any model of the Monster: Turbines and would gladly give an honest review on what i hear and what changes from day to day of each use. 





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i'd like to join.. i never had monster products because i found it too pricey for the quality.. 

PROVE me that i AM WRONG! 


send me some review units hehe :D



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Although I have neither owned nor auditioned any of the Monster Turbine series earphones yet, I would love to have the opportunity to compare the coppers to other high end IEM's which I am familiar with. 


My gear includes a Zune HD, S:Flo2, TF10, Radius DDM, RE0/Zero, and SM3 for portable listening, and an Onkyo SE-U55SX DAP, Denon AV-R, and HD650 for home use.


Essentially, I'll listen any genre of music except for country--this includes, but is not limited to, Classical, Jazz, Rock, and R&B/Rap/Pop.  Furthermore, my lossless music collection spans more then 2TB of HDD, and ranges in quality from 16/44 CD to 24/192 BD-A.


Thank you for your consideration!




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