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I would be interested in participating in this review.

I have spent most my time assembling a home setup currently consisting of a very neutral dac/amp and a second much more powerful amp for powering my HE-6 headphones. I look for the most truthful of sound I can get, not something to emphasize parts, or fix other parts, of music. I listen to rock and electronic music with a bit of funk and new jazz.

I have just started my foray into IEMs with a new pair of Atrio M5 (MG7). They are far from perfect but have been an experience in using IEMs. I will have my first review up shortly of Comply Foam Tips. 

Should you choose me to be a part of the review I will be focusing on comparing the sound of your IEMs to some of the more known full sized headphones including the SR80 M50 K701 DT880 DT990 D2000 and HE-6. I will also be able to draw upon my experience as a performing musician and occasional sound guy at shows.



[For portable sources I'm limited to a rockboxed iPod, Zune, HiSound Studio, and a Nokia phone. I will likely base my review on my experience running them out of the higher impedance output of my Yulong D100 dac/amp, but will take into account the sound achieved by each of my sources.]

Edit, add-on: I forgot to mention that I have briefly tried out a pair of Turbines among a handful of other IEMs at a local meet and had a rather good impression of them. I'd like to get a chance to compare them to my Atrio.

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I am very interested in trying out a pair of turbines.


My current setup is:


Home. Asus Essence stx, matrix m-stage, AKG K701, Alessandro MS1


Portable. Cowon J3 and Etymotic MC5


I largely listen to rock, pop and electronica, All of which is in flac. 


And i have never owned a Monster headphone.

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Hi there, i would be entirely honored to review one of these monster IEMs. My current setup is as follow:


Cowon iAudio 9 --> Headstage Arrow Amp (3rd Gen) --> Sennheiser ie8 with ACS custom tips


I have not owned any Monster IEMs in my short audiophile time. The thought crossed my mind, but instead of getting another set of IEMs, i decided to get some AKG k702. The genre of music that I listen to the most is trance, house, hip hop and r&b. I'm slowly making a shift to more mellowed out songs with more separation and better recordings, after getting a good portable setup, my ears are demanding that i explore different genres of music. 


Good luck to everyone else that's posting here, this thread seems to be growing quick!


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I am new to the headphone game and am looking to catch up. I would love to listen to as many different headphones as I can. I love rock, mostly 60's and 90's. reggae, hip/hop, a lot of jazz, and a small amount of pop. My gear is listed in my tag below.

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I would be willing to take part in this.


I listen to a wide range of music including : Alternative,Rock,Jazz,Folk, and others but you get the idea. 


I have never listened to Monster Turbines but would put them through there paces.


I currently am using a Little Dot MK III amplifier with some AKG 702s as my main setup. I am using the Music Streamer II as my DAC. I know tube amps don't pair well with low impedance IEMs that's why I also have Little Dot MK 1+ hybrid amp.


I have owned the following before this setup : 


Audio Technica M50s

Audio Technica AD700s

Sennheiser HD 595s

Sennheiser CX 300s

Sennheiser PX 100s

Grado SR 80


If I am picked I will right an honest review of these phones for better or worse of the phones reputation and thank you for offering us this chance. I listen using only flac lossless audio. I also listen to music about 8 hours a day everyday and so have experience nit picking the sound quality. At any rate good luck to all and thank you again Monster for offering us this!

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I would like to try one of the Monster Turbine headphones.


I would use it with the Nuforce HDP.  


I can compare it directly to my Earsonics SM2, shure se110, and sennheiser HD 555.


I am very interested in trying the Monster Turbine Pro Gold specifically.

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I'm very interested.


Listening Preferences:


Post-Rock, folk rock, hip-hop, indie rock, and classic rock.


Listening Set-Up:


Home: iPod 7g 160gb -> FiiO L3 LOD -> FiiO E7 -> Audio Technica Ad900.

On The Go: iPod 7g 160gb -> FiiO L3 LOD -> FiiO E7 -> RE0 w/Comply T400.


I've never used or demod Monster headphones, but I'm excited to hopefully take a part of this opportunity. I would like it to be known I would prefer to review the Pro Coppers, I would love a pair of headphones to critically listen to music with.

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I am going to be honest... i am not the most experienced  audiophile with a limited headphone arsenal due to my student budget. but i am hoping to be a better reviewer and i think that this would be an excellent opportunity for me. In my mind Monster has only been a decent company due to the beats, but as the Turbines are non-celeberty promoted and not geared towards teans who prefer crazy bass i would love this opportunity to change my oppinion on Monster. I can never do this on my own as I am currently 15 and too young to legaly get a part time job so the headphones i do have are all highly aclaimed by other head-fiers. I hope that i can also use these headphones to add to my list of growing headphone experiences.  


i currently listen to Rock Pop Alternative Electric Hip Hop and sometimes country


when i work on a review i update it periodically 1-2 times a month to report on how the headphones do after various use times as well as its overall development


i am obtaining my fiio e7 soon and all my test music are 320kbs or flac


i am a daily/bi-daily head-fier and would really like this oppourtunity to physically review the Monster Turbines


i enjoy listening to music because others my age can play sports but being physically disabled i turn to my other strength, my ears so all the time that would have be spent on sports for a teen my age has been spent on my ears


i hope i get these that would be nice



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I'd be very interested in taking part in this review

I do indeed own a pair of the regular monster turbines that I use as my main portable headphones and honestly, I prefer them over every other IEM I've tried

My current portable setup is the Sansa fuze (flac files)/iPod touch-->PA2V2-->monster turbine

As for music preferences, I like rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic
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I'm interested! 


My current headphones are a pair of JVC HA-RX900s, running off various computers and my iPhone, all unamped. 

I've never owned any kind of high-end IEMs. It would be very neat to see what they sound like, especially in comparison to mid-fi full-size cans.


I listen to classical, rap, some electronic-type music, some chiptune-y stuff, a little metal, and anything weird/funny/catchy enough to attract my attention.

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Count me in!


Listening preferences:

Electronic, Indie Rock, and Indie Pop.


Current listening setup:

DAP: Sony Walkman S, Ipad, Ipod Touch 4G

Dac/Amp: Nuforce HDP

IEM: tf10, ER4S, Monster Beats Tour, Monster Turbine


And I currently have Turbine.

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I'm interested. Listened to super.fi 5 pros and Westone 3s before.

Main setup is sansa fuze -> rsa hornet -> westone 3

Music: Jazz, Classical
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I'd like to take part of this review.


I mainly listen to trance, drum and bass, dubstep, progressive trance, electronic music, rock, alternative, classical, hip hop, film scores (i.e. Daft Punk - Tron, Hans Zimmer - Inception, The Dark Knight).


I use my computer's sound card (ASUS Xonar DX) and my Clip+ as source. I use a Fiio E5, E7, E9, and my receiver  for amp.


I've owned all three kinds of Turbines (Gold, Copper, regular) and still have the Copper and Gold.


My current IEM inventory are the 2 Turbines, Triple.Fi 10, and MEElec M6. My headphone inventory includes Grado SR-80, Sony MDR-F1, Koss Pro DJ 100 & KSC75, Audio-Technica ATH-AD300, Samson SR850 and Creative Aurvana Live! 

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I'd love to try-out and review one of the Turbine IEMs from Monster.  


I primarily listen to electronic dance music (Trance, Progressive, House, Drum n Bass) but also have a healthy library of metal (Killswitch Engage, Disturbed, Korn, Trivium) and Hip Hop (Immortal Technique, Tech N9ne, NaS, Jay-Z, Eminem).


My current set up is running FLAC files via foobar2000 through an Ibasso D4 DAC and a Matrix M-Stage amplifier.  


I have never owned or really even listened to a Monster Turbine product, so I'd love this opportunity to test the waters and let the rest of the community know what I think.



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I never had any of these products before. I listen to a lot of rock, hip hop, pop, and anything that I like really. I own a pair of RE-Zeros. They sound great but they lack bass. If there's any chance of me getting a pair I'd use them with my iPod Classic or Clip+....

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