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I would be interested in trying them out.  I am a relatively new head-fi member but in the short time I have already built a few things (Mini3, Gamma2) and I own a pair of RE0 IEMs, which I think would be a good choice of a popular well-regarded IEM to use for comparison.


My listening includes all genres of rock, blues and metal, especially more progressive stuff like Porcupine Tree and Devin Townsend.


My current gear:


     Portable rig - DIYmodded and Rockboxed 5.5 gen ipod with FLAC and ALAC files into a AMB Mini3 into RE0 IEMs    

     Desktop rig - Desktop PC running Foobar2000 using a Chaintech AV710 optical output into an AMB Gamma2 DAC into a K.I.C.A.S. Caliente into either AKG701s or RE0s.  I also have a modded Bravo V2 hybrid using a Sylvania tube that I use

                           in place of the Caliente when I'm in the mood for a warmer (albeit less detailed) sound.


One thing I would like to evaluate with the Turbines is if they can deliver good tight (but not overpowering) bass while also maintaining good delivery of midrange and treble since that is where the RE0s really shine in my opinion.  I'm not a seasoned head-fi vet with a lot of reviews under my belt, but I do a lot of technical writing for work and I think it would be fun to provide an honest, thorough, and hopefully enjoyable write-up on the Monster Turbines using my gear.  These have been reviewed favorably by quite a few people and seem to have a good price/performance ratio, so I'd enjoy a chance to try them out for pure listening's sake as well.

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I'd like to join. I'm a writer for the local tech magazine in my country, and I'm helping contribute to our local headphone blog.






mostly midrange like the HD 650/K701/AD2000/DT880 and 990/D2000./HF2 (Many of these are sold, but I still have good memory to their sound and have easy access to them if needed)


I've also gone through many low end headphones starting out, and still come back to them to appreciate what they bring to the table.




I own the Hifiman RE262, Ultimate Ears TF10 and Superlux 381F. I've owned the Sennheiser IE8, MF220, Soundmagic PL30, and have had the good fortune to listen to many great IEMs like the Earsonics SM3, Westone 2/UM3X, Shure SE530 (and customs version), JVC FX700/500, of course Monster products Vanilla and Gold, as well as a myriad other I cannot recall at the moment. :)




I use an Ipod 5.5gen rockboxed and a Sansa Fuze. I have a mini^3 and an Ibasso D4 as portable amplifiers.


For my desktop setup, I use a Musical Fidelity V-DAC and a Schiit Asgard amplifier connected to my pc. I also have an Audio Technica HA25D amp/DAC I use with my laptop.


Musical Preferences:


Hmm, where to begin. I LOVE music, all kinds of music. I will listen to Kanye West, then change up to some Heavy Metal and top it off with Tommy Emmanuel's acoustic guitar tracks. I listen to blues/jazz/rock/RnB/techno/orchestra - I'm not picky with music and I will listen to it if I like it. Let's say I'm an eclectic listener. That said, I can often pinpoint which pieces of equipment are best for certain genres for MY ears.



I'd like to give a unique and witty perspective on these IEMs. I'll compare them to anything, from my fullsize to how similar they are to my dad's pair of speakers. I'd also like to post them on our local headfi blog/forum in order to educate and give some perspective on these products to our local audience.

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I'd be interested as well. I've never owned or tried Monster IEMs but have taken a recent interest in dynamic drivers. My current DAP's are an iPhone 4, current gen Shuffle and a 2nd gen Nano. I also sometimes use a cmoy amplifier. IEM's that I've had experience with are in my signature, along with the link to two reviews I've recently written. Music preferences are all types of Rock, from classic to metal, pop and country. Thanks for the opportunity!
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I am interested. Have no experience with monster in ear monitors. I listen to old school korean R&B songs, some classical, jazz renditions w/ string instruments, American raps, some rock, and country.


My setup right now is Cowon J3 and Audio Technica ATH-M50. Will be interesting to compare with the turbines.


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I'd love to review these IEM's!


I've always had cheap-o ear buds until I fixed a pair of broken Beyerdynamic DT 770's that I found at my friend's house. Now that I appreciate the audio world on a whole new level I'm curious to hear the difference between high quality over-ear headphones and high quality in-ear headphones.


After fixing the DT 770's, I slowly got into audio and upped the quality of my audio set up. My current set up goes like this: ALAC --> iPhone --> LOD --> iBasso T3D --> Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80. My initial resolder job wasn't satisfactory and the cable was destroyed by the previous owner so I did a ton of research (thanks to head-fi) and recabled them. I also bought a new headband and Beyerdynamic Gel Ear Pads because the original ones were nasty. I chose the iBasso T3D to drive my headphones because I do most of my listening while walking around campus. I am currently studying as a Mechanical Engineer at Cal Poly SLO so portability was a major factor in my decision. Even though the amp is meant for IEM's they drive my fine and they will be perfect for these IEM's!


I listen to a lot of genres of music but lately I've been listening to Feed Me's album Big Adventure, Chris Brown's new album F.A.M.E, and Pepper's album Kona Town. 

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Hi, been lurking for a while, figured I'd start posting here.


I'd be interested in reviewing a pair of Turbines.


I listen to a variety of music, mainly old-school rap, turntablism, breakbeat, electro and funk, with a little classical, jazz, techno and trance thrown in for good measure.


I currently use a Rockbox'd Sansa Fuze + FiiO E5 headphone amp for portable use, alternating between Etymotic Research ER-4S and Sennheiser HD25-1 II for headphones. I also have a pair of turntables and a mixer for creating turntablist music, and I do live sound mixing for a team of pianists/vocalists/guitarists/violinists/saxophonists twice a month.


I have not previously owned a pair of Monster Turbines, but I am familiar with both accurate (Etymotic) and slightly more bass flavoured (Sennheiser) headphones.

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I would love to take part in this reviewing opportunity and, if selected, will post the reviews on my site, Musical Musings. I have written many lengthy and informative reviews on headphones, earbuds and in ear monitors sent to me by numerous companies including HiFiMan, Woodees and MEElectronics. These reviews can be seen and read by clicking here.Given my considerable experience, I believe I would be a prime candidate for reviewing the Turbine Pro earphones.


My listening preferences are quite varied, with my favorite genres being Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz and Alternative/Rock.


I typically enjoy warm, smooth and bass driven sound signatures and I have a few higher end IEMs I can compare the Turbines to including the HiFiMan RE-262, RE0 and Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10.


My testing rig consists of a Fiio E7 + E9 combo, a number of MP3 players such as the Sansa Fuze and a 4th generation iPod Touch, as well as a few great sounding CD players. Digital audio I have for testing purposes consists of high bitrate AAC, MP3 and an array of lossless FLAC and ALAC files.


Thanks for your consideration and I hope to have the opportunity to review the Turbine Pros!


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I'd love to be included in this chalenge.

My current portable setup is iPhone 4 to UE TF-10. I have gone through quite a number of in-ears and portable headphones but have yet to try anything from the monster lineup. I would love a chance to give either the Gold or coppers a try and see how they fit with my clean and analytical listening preferences (something the TF-10's dont really do).
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I'd be very interested, and appreciative if I was chosen for this review. I own a pair of Monster Turbines

My current setup is a Cowon D2 and Zune HD with Fischer Audio DBA-02 or TF10, or when weather permits, Fischer audio FA-004.


I prefer to listen to R&B and some jazz, as well as classic rock

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i would definitly love to review these headphones.i haven't owned any monster headphones before.
i know i don't have as much experience i compared to the rest here,but just entering due to the curiosity.besides i thought that you will be interested in all kinds of listener.
As for my gear i use a samsung p2 and an ipod touch.i haven't had experience with such high end stuff but have listened to many high end stereo setups.I also have indian classicall training and access to a studio to test how good monitors they are.
I don't expect to get in the project but just trying my luck!
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I'm interested.


Musical tastes: modern classical, bluegrass, downtempo/dark electronica, rock, blues, jazz


Music files: mostly AIFF, especially for anything acoustic.  I always get the best remaster available, if an album has several.


Desktop setup:  tweaked 2009 Mac Mini --> dbaudiolabs Tranquility SE DAC --> Nuforce HDP amp


Portable:  iPhone 3GS (32GB to hold those AIFF's)


Current phones:  Westone UM3X, Yuin G1A, Grado SR-60, Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm


I have not owned a Turbine before, but have been interested since I prefer dynamics to BA's.




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I would certainly like to review a pair of Turbines! I have not tried out any Monster IEMs to this point.

My current listening setup is my iPhone 4 with Etymotic HF-3s.

As far as listening; Orchestra (typically soundtracks), Rock, Jazz, Metal, Classical, Swing, Alternative some Techno and anything else interesting that crosses my path.

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I'm extremely interested.


My current setup is:

Musiland Monitor 02 US -> Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 or Sennheiser HD580

Apple iPod Classic 160GB -> Etymotic ER-6i


I have owned several pairs of Monster earphones in the past, including the Miles Davis Tributes and several pairs of Monster Turbine earphones. I loved them all, but I have not tried the Monster Turbine Pro series.


I listen mostly to acoustic rock, punk rock, pop rock, pop, jazz and funk.


Thank you!

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I'm interested biggrin.gif

I listen mostly to alternative, punk & folk rock, jazz, electronica & classical, all in lossless format.

I own the original Monster Turbines, as well as Shure SE530 & Klipsch Custom 3 iems.  I use my iems with a uDac dac/amp at work and with a 3g ipod touch on the go.  My home listening station consists of a Lavry DA11 dac/amp, a Mapletree Ear+ HD tube amp & the following headphones: Sennheier HD600, Ultrasone Edition 8, Denon D7000, Grado RS-1, Grado HF-1 & Shure SRH840.

As a bonus, I've had experience writing a thoughtful & fair review written slightly better than an average monkey on a keyboard.


Edit:  I do appreciate transparent & accurate sound reproduction so would be interested in reviewing the Turbine Pro Copper but would be very happy to try either.

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Hi. I currently own the monster turbine and the audio technica ath m50. I perfer to listen to hip hop music which i personallity think the monster turbines are perfect for portable hip hop music. My set up for for home use is fiio e7 + iphone + audio technica ath m50. For portable use, just the turbines and iphone. I would be totally interested in reviewing the earphones if  I am lucky enough to recieve any of the earphones.







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