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In My opinion the member's with the most time doing review's and qualification's should get this merit and 1 or 2 newer member's maybe getting a shot a t this, this is only in My opinion on this subject!!!  Good Luck to All!

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Of COURSE I'm interested. Need to hear if the coppers (or Gold) are as good as I'm hearing (no pun intended). I've had pretty good exposure to most high end IEM's and I'd like to hear how these compare

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I'll take a stab at a review if selected.

Listening preferences: Mainly electronica with some symphonic/progressive metal mixed in. I like two ends of the musical spectrum.

Current listening setup: Computer as source using FLAC or high bitrate MP3 via Foobar2000 WASAPI output to a Sony receiver's headphone out. This HP out is suprisingly wonderful. It has been with all my headphones used. I maintain a list in my community profile of all the past gear I have had. This setup is competitive with all of my past gear.

Have you owned a Turbine headphone from Monster: No I have not. I have owned a few other IEMs(Etymotic ER4P and Westone UM3X, which lie on opposite ends of the audio spectrum, so this would be a nice comparison.

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Originally Posted by SoundMatters12 View Post

 Specifically, they have been tuned for those who are looking for an in-ear monitor that will reproduce their source music as honestly and accurately as possible.

I guess somebody screwed up then. It has too much bass to be honest or even remotely accurate. I only see this as publicity stunt.


Edit: UNLESS these are a new batch that are re-tuned.

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I would be interested.  Own a pair of HifiMan RE- 0, and have experience with other IEMs.  Listening setup is Marantz CD5004-> Little Dot Mk V.  Portable setup is ipod Classic and iphone 3g.  I listen to all genres, but my expertise is Classical music. 

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I am interested in joining.
I would like to review the Turbine Pro Copper model if possible.
I tend to listen to jazz, alternative, house, chillout and acoustic. I like to listen softly and prefer a laidback and warm sound.
My current setup includes an E7/E9, a Dared MP5, and a Marantz 1090. I use a Cowon J3 for portable listening.
I currently have a Monster Turbine Vanilla and a Turbine Pro Gold to test against.

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I'd love to get the opportunity to hear the Monster Turbine Pro's and especially to get an opportunity to review them. I've never owned or listened to the Monster products... Yet!

I currently listen to several IEM's including:
Shure SE-530 and E3
HiFiMAN RE-262 and RE-1
Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro and Super Fi 5

When going portable I use several rigs depending on what I am up to.

Transportable - When I want to set up a listening rig on the road normally this will be my iPad with a camera connection out to a Headamp Pico DAC/Amp. I might bring along the Headroom Micro Stack as well.

Portable - I'll grab an iPod classic, nano, or shuffle. I might just go with the headphone out, but often I will strap an amp on, the Pico, Headroom Total Airhead, or Fiio E5.

My music selection is diverse, ranging from blues and rock to classical and hip hop. While a great deal of it is stored lossless, I've still got a fair collection of 128k material.

At home I've got a few solid state and tube amps that I use to really hear what those IEM's are capable of as well.

Thanks for the chance to throw my hat in the ring!
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I've owned a pair of turbines for the past 2 years, but I'd love to try out the gold or coppers.


My Current set-up...


at home: PC >> FLAC >> AUNE DAC/amp >> Shure SRH 840/monster turbine


On the go: Sony NW-A808 >> MP3 V0 >> Monster turbine


I listen to a wide variety of genres including electronic genres, vocal/orchestral arrangements, jazz, reggae, rock and hip-hop/R&B


the majority of my library is in FLAC (mostly 16/44.1 but I also have a variety of 24/96 and 24/192 recordings) I also have some albums in lossy codecs (AAC 256, MP3 320/V0/V2, OGG -q8.x)

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I'll go for this. I've always wanted to know how the Monster Turbine Line up sounds like. I'll compare it to my Meelectronics SP51. 

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I'd love to try these out...I've read quite a bit about them but I've never had the chance to listen to them. At home I have use my MacBook Pro->Pure Music->DacMagic->Schitt Lyr->LCD2s or Grado GS1000is (depending on what I'm listening to). While I'm at school (~8 hours per day) I usually connect my Mac to my uDAC2 and listen through my Denon AH-C 560R earbuds through out the day. Since I use my earbuds so much I'd really like to hear how the Turbines perform during extended listening periods. I listen to just about everything, from rock to metal to jazz to hip-hop to dubstep to ambient, so I'd really enjoy testing the Turbines with all of these genres. Sometimes I listen critically, sometimes I just sit back and enjoy the music. Thanks for the opportunity to try these bad boys out!

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I would be very interesting in trying a pair of these Monster headphones.My current setup is an iPOD 120gb>Head direct LOD>Ibasso D6 Amp/DAC. Lossless and 320kbps files exclusively on the ipod. I also use the Ibasso D6 to listen to FLAC/ALAC files through foobar. I do also have a large selection of 24bit-96khz FLAC files that sound fabulous when pushed through the Ibasso D6's 24bit DAC. I have never owned any Monster products (besides several audio cables). I have owned numerous in ear headphones, mostly from Shure. Right now my favs are the Shure se530 IEMs. I listen to a wide variety of music: Jazz, Jam bands, Indie Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock, Electronica, R&B/Soul, and some hip hop. I was thinking of upgrading to customs, Westone ES5 or some JH16s, but would love to consider another high-end universal IEM. Thanks, Zach




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Im interested in this too, I wouldnt mind reviewing these earphones as ive heard great things from all of them and Ive never owned them.


I use an iPod touch 4g as my DAP. I use V-Moda Vibes


I listen to Rock, Metal, Blues, Rap, Electronic, Jazz and pretty much anything

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I'd be interested.


My setup is my earbuds>ipod@320kbps or to my Rotel 1062 amp thru headphone out.


I listen to alot of vocals and to alot of instumental music where i can hear the stomping of the artists feet or the chewing on the gumbiggrin.gif

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I would like to particiapte.


Currently own Brainwavz M1, M2, M3

HifiMan Re0, Re252

UE Triple-fi 10 w/null audio balanced cable and HiRose Connector for iBasso PB2 Toucan




HifiMan HM602 with iBasso PB2

Zune HD 16GB

Samsung Focus



Audeze LCD2 with Norse Audio 8 wire balanced XLR

Violectric V181 Balanced Amp

Audio-gd Ref5 Balanced DAC


Musical Tastes:

Florence & the Machine, Marina & the Diamonds, Goldfrapp, Kate Nash

Beastie Boys, Pink Floyd, Queen, Radiohead, Muse

Corey Harris, The Black Keys, Steeley Dan, Philip Glass



While attending CanJam 09 in LA I was given a set of turbines to try and I connected it to a WooAudio Amp and I was very impressed. I am sorry I did not drop the $99 on the show special pricing and have been curious since.

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I am a newbie to head-fi forums and I would be interested. I am a musical instrument maker and I am looking for upgrades from my old IEMs. I just updated my dap, amp and listen to classical, rock, jazz, alternative and other different genres. I like to listen specially live recordings of all my instruments. 


This is what I have at the moment:

Macbook 13.3" Santa Rosa

iPod 160GB 7th gen

JDS Labs cMoy 2.03

Headroom Total BitHead

Senn HD280Pro

Grado SR60s

Shure e3c

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