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I'd be interested in joining. I've owned the Turbines before, and liked them very much. I primarily listen to rock, with a bit of hip-hop. I buy all my music in CDs and rip them in lossless. My home amps are way too loud for IEMs, so I would listen to them using a Samsung P3, Sansa Fuze and Clip+, as well as a NuForce Icon Mobile via USB.


I usually use full-size headphones and amps for listening at home, but on the go I'm using Phiaton PS200s at the moment, as well as Sennheiser HD 25-1 IIs, both of which would make a viable comparison. I've written a few reviews before, one on the PS200s and another on the Turbines. You can check them out at HeadRoom (headphone.com), under the same username.


Thanks to Monster for putting this generous opportunity out there.

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I am Interested


Right now I am listening to rock, Blues, Electronica and acoustic guitar, most of them as live albums


I am using an iphone 4 with all of the tracks in apple lossless, and a pair of sennheiser IE 8 (I would love to test them one against the other)


Unfortunately i have never owned a pair of turbines since they are really hard to get here in switzerland (and really expensive)



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I am interested. I would love to make this review published also in an Israeli home theater web magazine.

My experience with IEMs is broad, from shure e2c to JH13, to name a few I have owned. I know what to expect from an IEM to sound (IMO of course).


Currently my listening rig at home - HRT MS2+ > b22 > lcd-2

portable - Cowon D2 > Head-Direct RE0

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Owned a pair of Turbines (which broke) and a pair of Turbine Coppers (stolen) before.

Been thinking about purchasing a MTP again, since I still have all of the tips (hybrid-foam supertips, etc) from my previous Turbine's.

My setup back then was pretty simple. Would love to try one of the MTP's on a higher-end setup.


My current setup is JH16 + ALO Rx Mk II + iPhone 4. The CyberLabs Algorithm Solo is coming soon.

Also own the Headstage Arrow 3G. All files lossless.


Genres: Pop, HipHop, RnB/Soul, Rock, Dance, Acoustic

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I am interested. :)


I currently own K702, Victor FX700, TF10 and UM Miracle ( custom fit) I past i have had Image S4 and RE262 also.

As for source  i have Anedio D1 (Desktop)  and HM602/Sflo2 (portable) 


I prefer Natural and transparent phones reproduce the sound as it is , as it was recorded , that's why i love the miracle and that is why i go the D1 ( its very revealing ).

I have not heard the monster turbine copper/gold , but i have heard the monster turbines, i loved its sound, very balanced Phones ( in my opinion , but people tend to disagree ), the low end had decent extension, mids were neutral as was the treble, though the soundstage was not as deep as my other iems. either way i loved the sound great for rock, metal, pop, electronic , etc.


Sadly in india, monster turbines IEMs are not available, i was interested in the monster turbine copper. I hope monster IEMs cone to india soon, i think there are quite a lot people here who will be interested in buying them .

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I'm game.

My current listening setup?

Sources: Denon DN-C680, E-MU 0404 USB, Twisted Pear Opus, Modded Sony PS-X45.


Etymotic ER6i, Grado HF2. Past headphones: Shure E4c, Shure E2c, V-Moda Vibe, Alessandro MS1, HD580.

Amps: Mini^3, SS Millett Hybrid, M^3, Cavalli CTH

Music preferences? Everything, from hip hop to classical. My last.fm (link in signature) shows some of my tastes.
Never before had a Monster IEM.

Also, I second baka. |joker| should get one.
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I'm interested. 


My music preferences are varied.  I own over 3200 CDs and they hit just about every genre.  The only genres I don't own much of are hip-hop/rap and heavy metal.


My home setup is computer -> EMU 0404 USB -> Shiit Asgard or Realistic STA-2200 -> Stax SR-Lambda, Yamaha and Fostex orthos


My work setup is computer -> Silverstonetek EB01B -> Kyocera R-851 -> Yamaha and Fostex orthos


My portable setup is iPod Classic or iPhone 4 -> Westone 1, Fisher Audio DB002, or Klipsch X5


I've never owned a Monster headphone.

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I do some mixing here and there, both are rock bands.


My listening preferences are pretty wide across the board.  Rock, metal, electronic, hip hop, rap, and some world musics.


My current setup for home is a firewire interface from my Mac to my mixingboard (Mackie onyx 1640) out to a Rane headphone amp and out to a pair of AKG K701 and a pair of rebuilt K240.


My rig for traveling is either my Ipod Nano (4th gen) to a cmoy or my Ipod classic (7th Gen) to a mini^3 out to a pair of er-6i.


I have never had a pair of turbine and would really like to try them out to see how they sound.

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I'm interested. 


Source: Cowon J3, soon to be paired with a Fiio E7 amp.

Computer, also soon to be paired Fiio E7 and E9. For now, I'm using a cheap 3rd party USB DAC.

I've own a pair of monster turbines, and I'm happy with them. I like the bass, but I'd like to see if the gold/coppers can improve on the highs. I found them to be a little sibilant.

I listen to rap, hip hop, RnB, and classical, with a little rock and jazz here and there.

I like to listen to FLAC files when I can, but if not, most of my music is mp3 @ 320 kbps. 

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whast does a man have to do to get into this competition?...


i mean i am interested and i have the sennheiser ie8 as reference iems.... listened to lots of yamaha and pioneer iems in past......

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I'm quite interested in this challenge! I had a pair of Turbine Coppers before, but as noted says its to hear the music as intended. I would love to demo a pair of the golds to hear music through Monsters ears :) My musical tastes are mainly electronica, rock, and pop. My current setups are for home, comp -> mavaudio D1 -> AKG K701 / Darth Beyers V3, while my portable is, Ipod Classic -> HD25-1. Thanks for the opportunity ahead of time!

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I'm interested. I own the Monster Turbines (my primary IEM) and am very curious about the Coppers. 


I have a MBP > Fidelia > E7/E9 


I currently have Q701, K172 HD and Grado SR-60's (and the Turbines).

I have plenty of FLAC, ALAC and 320kbps MP3's for testing. 


I listen to Jazz, Blues, Rock and Classical. Some hip-hop/dance as well. 

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I'm game.


Never owned any Monster headphones.


If I wanted them, I'd have bought them.

Next purchase is between JH3A, T1, Ed8 or LCD-2.


Kit list in profile.


Music range - wide. Verdi, Monteverdi, Puccini, Kraftwerk, DeadMaus, Infected Mushroom, Prince and Kelis. etc etc etc.


Fave IEM's - JH13, IE8, SA6, e4c, e2c etc.

Fave full size - Ed9, D7000, HD600, ESW10JPN, RS1, HD25 II, Pro750, P5


I'll be critical but honest.  Fair but firm.








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I'd love to review any pair of the Monster Turbines. I've been considering a pair for quite some time, but they've always just missed the cut to a full sized headphone. I'm not sure which one would suit my needs though. I listen to mainly Electronic music, with a bit of Classic rock, oldschool soul, and Classical music mixed in. Pretty well rounded, I suppose.


I had a bad experience with IEMs before, so I've stayed away from them, though I've been wanting to try again. This seems like a good oppurtunity to me.


Anyway, my current portable set-up is Cowon J3 > Arrow 12 HE 3G (Or FiiO E7) > (Headphone)

Current home set-up is HP DV 7 > FiiO E7 + E9 > (Headphone)


Thanks for the chance to win!

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Definitely interested, I'm currently rocking the regular Turbines, I've had them for about 4 months, definitely be interested in seeing what the nicer models were like if I could afford them. I use them mostly with my HTC Inspire; I work at a RadioShack, too, for what it's worth :) Would love the chance to be able to talk up some nicer buds, assuming they stack up (and I'm assuming they would, considering that my Turbines are some of the best IEMs I've used yet) ; I get people coming in all the time who are frustrated with the limited selection of headphones in most retail places, and I'd love to be able to point potential audiophiles in the right direction.

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