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Hello, I would be interested in reviewing a pair of Turbines. I have never before owned a Monster product...


Anyways, sources would be Q8 Oggs on a Rockboxed Clip+ or Fuze. At home they're amped, out and about, they aren't. I currently use soundMAGIC PL50s with these so I would love to see what the upper categories are all about. The PL50s are great for the rock, blues, jazz, and electronic music that I listen to, however, and you might have a hard time beating them ;) I am also an experienced reviewer of products, as I do flashlight, knife, multitool, and outdoor gear reviews on YouTube (I'll refrain from posting the link for fear of spamming, but feel free to message me for details).


Thanks for the chance!

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Love to take a shot at reviewing the Turbine Pro Golds, my current IEM's are Sleek SA6's with Comply Foam tips, Ray Samuels Predator DAC/Amp through my 160 Gig iPod classic with a RS LOD, or usb through my MSI netbook with a 500 gig hard drive upgrade, when not mobile Im using Grado SR 325i's with the larger GS foams pads. I listen to mostly Guitar based music, rock, heavy metal, Blues. And I'm a true believer of break in time, few products sound they're best right out of the box ! So I'd give these new IEM's a good burn in b4 any critical listening. Thanks and good luck and grats to the winner reviewers.

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Thanks to everyone for your comments and interest in reviewing the Turbine Pro Gold and Copper headphones!  We will now begin the process of choosing the reviewers after we've gone through your submissions.


If selected you will receive notification no later than Monday, April 11th.  So, once again thanks for the great feedback and interest!  And just a reminder, Monster will be selecting additional reviewers from a separate pool if you would like to also submit a registration on the Monster Cable Facebook page's "Turbine Challenge" tab: http://on.fb.me/MonsterCable



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