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Also interested preferably in the Coppers


My portable rigs include Sansa Clip+, Fuze, iPod Classic, s:Flo2, ibasso D4, Headstage Arrow, SoundMagic Pl50, Panasonic HK900, REO,Shure e2 and the Monster MD


Main rig is a dedicated computer, Dac19DSPv5, C2 or CTH , Senn HD580, AKG 702,BeyerDT150


Main listening is a mix of acoustic, folk,country, blues, old time rock.. 

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I use my IEM's every minute of the day that I am outside. Living in NYC means that is a considerable amount of time. Commuting, going to grab lunch, walking to a show, or just going downstairs to do laundy.


I have traditionally been a Westone and Ultimate Ears fan. My main IEM's are UE SuperFi 5vi's and my more intense IEM's are custom molded UE TripleFi 10's.  The SuperFi 5's get the bulk of the use though.  


Source is an iPhone 4. I have a few portable amps and a line out dock, but in the real world they simply are not worth it, i use the headphone out primarily.  Audio is either lossless of 320k mp3.


I listen to rock of all kinds (from hard rock to soft vocal indie rock to classic rock), instrumental jazz/blues, some hip hop if the beats are fresh.   If you saw my most played list it would include Joel Plaskett, Metric, Nine Inch Nails, Mahavishnu Orchestra, John Scofield, A Perfect Circle, Matthew Good, etcetera 


I have never used a pair of Monster headphones before.

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I haven't tried any Monster IEM but been hearing good things about them.  Very eager to try.  


I mostly listen to R&B, pop, rock and house.  


My current set up is in my signature. L3000.gif

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I want to see if the turbines really do sound great. I currently own the bose ie2 which i believe sounds pretty nice for a potable earphone. I also own the beats by dre studios and curious to see how those compares to my headphone.

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Please consider me for this review/trial (if people outside the US are permitted).


I mainly listen to music on the go or at work on my Iphone 4, lossless or 320K whilst at work. I currently use Shure SE110's and have just bought a pair of Phonak Audeo PFE 122's of which I'm awaiting delivery.


Everyone at work is sick of me moaning about the Shure's fit and I must spend a good proportion of my time fiddling with them so if I can find any IEM's that are comfy after putting in my ears without the feeling that they are sliding out (I'm a pretty short guy so my ears aren't that big so why I get that feeling I don't know) I'd be extremely happy. Plus, I know these are considered a much classier product than the Phonak's but having them brand new to comapre the Monster's with would be a reasonable test.


When at home I mainly listen to FLACS/SHN's of live gigs through my PC, no special soundcard or anything though.


Musically I have pretty varied tastes although I'm becoming more Pitchfork led when it comes listening to new genres/bands. Old favourites are Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, New Order with my current picks being M83, Fightstar (I know before anyone says anything), Regina Spektor, Bjork and Beirut. I'm not averse to Hip-Hop either. 

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Add me to the excessively long list of applicants.


I generally listen to acoustical music from a broad range of genres.


In classical music I cover the entire scope. Chronologically from medieval chant to the 21st century. In physical scale from pieces for solo flute to Mahler's Symphony no. 8.


And then there are the umpteens of other musical genres: ragas, qawwali, flamenco, fado, French chanson, Scandinavian fiddle music, Andean music, Balkan music, salsa, bossa nova, highlife, jazz, throat song, to name but a few.


For the time being, my laptop is my only musical source. I either play CDs or downloadable high definition audio files. My DAC is an Arcam rDac, My headphone amplifier is an Argon HA 1, where I have significantly raised the sound quality by moving the PCB from its aluminium chassis to one that I built of spruce, maple and mahogany. My main headphone is a Bowers & Wilkins P5.


My sound philosophy is to aim for neutrality. Yes, I know: P5 is not particularly neutral. But future upgrades to the rig will be moving in that direction.


I have never owned, or heard, a product from Monster.


My job is at a residence for several cultural institutions, also including a small concert hall with a piano. I have good opportunities to hear live music.

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I echo revolink24's sentiment: ClieOS should definitely receive a pair.

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Hey! I've heard good things about monster, especially with younger kids prancing round with the Dr Dre monster beats around their neck XD. I'm really rather interested in trying out these and will be reading up reviews on them anyway. I'm no audio expert but I know what sounds good :P It would be amazing if I got to listen to one of these as I need a replacement for my slightly broken sony ones. I know this is a late post, but I've been looking for something with good bass for a while and nothing's beaten those sony ones yet.

Besides this, I've been using my headphones for listening to radio to shuffling all of my songs while studying. I listen to anything good but mainly at this moment R&B, the old classic stuff, to Ray Charles, MJ etc. also big fan of Beatles and rock.

I also listen all the way back to classical as I've been playing in orchestras and all sorts for years now and you have to appreciate the hard work that goes into making the music and most of the instruments aren't heard on the recordings (like the violas, who no one cares about XD ) although I do admit we aren't professional, but we aren't bad either. So something that would make live recordings sound a bit better than cheap school headphones would be nice.

I would love how these things go with my LP collection too, thats another thing I'm keen to listen to. Wonder how Phantom of the Opera would sound...

I will be more than happy to review these things if I ever get them and - I think I've said too much and that I'm way overdue with a reply but at least I had my rant and tried to get my hands on one of these things.





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I am going to be honest... i am not the most experienced  audiophile with a limited headphone arsenal due to my student budget. but i am hoping to be a better reviewer and i think that this would be an excellent opportunity for me. In my mind Monster has only been a decent company due to the beats, but as the Turbines are non-celeberty promoted and not geared towards teans who prefer crazy bass i would love this opportunity to change my oppinion on Monster. I can never do this on my own as I am currently 15 and too young to legaly get a part time job so the headphones i do have are all highly aclaimed by other head-fiers. I hope that i can also use these headphones to add to my list of growing headphone experiences.  


i currently listen to Rock Pop Alternative Electric Hip Hop and sometimes country


when i work on a review i update it periodically 1-2 times a month to report on how the headphones do after various use times as well as its overall development


i am obtaining my fiio e7 soon and all my test music are 320kbs or flac


i am a daily/bi-daily head-fier and would really like this oppourtunity to physically review the Monster Turbines


i enjoy listening to music because others my age can play sports but being physically disabled i turn to my other strength, my ears so all the time that would have be spent on sports for a teen my age has been spent on my ears


i hope i get these that would be nice

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I'd like to toss my name out there, I like to think of myself as THE EARBUD man and I do have a lot of experience and reviews of Earbuds here on Head-Fi


My listening preferences are unique, I've been a musician for the past 10 years or so and mostly listen to Gypsy Jazz, Django Reinhardt jazz guitar.  Artists like Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg and Django himself of course.  I also listen to a lot of fusion guitar, a'la Guthrie Govan, Marco Sfogli and others like them.  I'd say these two genres make up most of my playlists, with the rest being a mix of everything from John Williams to Jamiroqui.


I have the ability to test the headphones on a number of great setups including an asus xonar essence, Hi-Fiman 601 and a DarkVoice 3322.  I have owned everything but the miles davis at one point. 



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I'd love to participate!


My listening preferences are rather eclectic - I listen to jazz, country, pop, rock, metal, alternative, R&B, and some classical.


I currently use an iPod touch 64GB G3 with either Monster Turbine Pro Coppers or Monster Miles Davis Tributes - I also have the M-Audio IE30, Klipsch Image S4s, and Monster Turbines.


I also use an original 30GB Zune with a pair of Grado SR225i.


Hope to hear from you soon.



L. B. Orr

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 Hello Head-Fi,


I would love to take the "Monster Turbine Challenge". My music tastes are varied. I love classical, rock, alternative, electronic, folk, country, etc, etc. (I'm not crazy about rap). My equipment setup is flexible and can be easily configured for my music listening needs.



Hifiman HM-601 24bit 96k SD card player

QA-350 16bit 44.1k SD card player

iTouch 32

iPod Classic 120

iRiver H140

Sony D25 cd player

Parasound CDP1000 Transport

Conrad-Johnson Sonographe SD1 cd player

Tascam MD 801R MiniDisc player/recorder

Tascam D60 DAT player/recorder

Tascam 112mkII analog tape

Sony MH-RZ1 Minidisc

Sony PCM-M1 DAT player/recorder



Headroom Micro DAC

Parasound HD 1100


Computer I/O

M-Audio 2496 Audophile

Echo Layla 24



Shure E5c

Shure 535SE

Hifiman RE0

Grado SR60

Grado SR225

Grado SR325

Senheiser HD580

Beyer Dynamic DT880

Sony 7605


Headphone Amps

Shellbrook Ascent II

Shellbrook Signature Mini-Head

Ray Samuels SR71A

Ray Samuels Hornet


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Sign me up please.


Eclectic taste in music. Listen to MP3 in 320bit.


I use different sources. Ipod nano 4g, iphone3gs/4, Samsung SGS, HTC Desire,HTC Desire Z, Ipad, PC laptop and a PC.


I use the Qjays and the Brainwavz m2with different sources.


Very interested in the Monsters Turbine IEMs.



Ps not planning to use external amps. I prioritise mobility. I look to my IEMs to deliver the best quality sound my source is able to produce.





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Hi Monster I am very interested in this. I would love to try out a pair of Monster Turbine earphones. as they are good for portability. I am really curious to see how they compare to my Shure srh840.

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I'm definitely interested. I listen to a wide variety of genres. Almost everything. I have the head-fi open your ears tracks for testing. I know my way around a camera too. For portable sources I use either a touch 4g, fuze or clip+ as sources. My portable headphone/earphone collection includes the hd25, ksc75, pfe 112, portapro, px100 and tf10. I have the e7 for use on my pc. So, pretty much standard everything for comparison, which I think would make for a useful and informative review. I have never owned or used a turbine model before. Please pick me.

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