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A go-to portable IEM is very important to me. I've been looking for an IEM that I can grab over my customs when I need the isolation (quite frequently). I own the Monster Turbines(regular) + MDs. I've been looking to try out the COPPERS because I would prefer a more neutral sound than the MDs offer at the moment though they are very musical. I, especially, enjoy the supertips that the MDs come with and would prefer another set of my size.


At home, I have a stax setup (Weiss DAC202 -> Stax 717t II -> O2). 

Portably, I have (HM-602/Itouch-64 -> Pico Slim -> FS Customs/Monster Turbines/MDs)


I prefer to listen to rock and pop.

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I'd be interested.  My DAP is a Nationite S:Flo2 v 2.1 (I believe?).


I listen to most genres with an emphasis in Trance, Rock (mainly Dream Theater), Acoustic, Pop, and Alternative.

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I'd love to review these; I've never done a critical listening test before and I'd like to find some better IEMs than what I use now.


DAP is Cowon S9


Music: Rock & alternative, generally heavy.

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i am very interested. i have never owned Turbine before. I have the following IEMs: Westone 2, RE262, TF10, HJP900 and RE-ZERO. for protable listening i have the HifiMan 602 and iPhone. For desktop, i have various amps both small and fairely big, like headroom micro amp/dac and HifiMan EF3.
I listen to all kinds of music from Jazz to pop to classical. My favorite is probably Jazz vocal.
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last.fm says I listen to alternative, indie, electronic, hip-hop and rock.

FWIR the most similair IEM I own is Meelectronics M9. Others are in my sig. I connect them mostly to Sony DAP, sometimes Prodigy HiFi soundcard. I've never had chance to listen to other Monster products.

Good luck everyone! :)

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I would be interested.


I have a the monster turbine (chrome) and the triple fi 10 to compare it with, as well as some various headphones.


I listen to instrumental rock, underground hip hop, jazz, classical, folk, indie rock, electronica, singer/songwriter, and flamenco. (mostly in FLAC). I also have the clip+ to see how it fares in portable setups.

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I've never heard a Monster product yet but would love the opportunity to! In my iem journey, I've owned Er6i, ER4P, W2, W3, W4, UM3X, IE7, and IE8 and enjoyed them all for different reasons. My source is an ipod classic, full of mostly lossless files. I listen to lots of classical with some jazz and rock.

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last minute entry I hope.


I listen to electronic, female vocals, jazz and alt rock.  Main rig is Macbook running aiff files via Pure Music with many hi resolution files above 96khz, into Blue Circle Audio Dac and Blue Circle heapdphone amp.   Also use Apple Nano 4th gen for portable use using aiff files, no amp.


Never owned a Monster iem.  former owner of over 30 different headphones and iems.

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I am interested in reviewing one of the Monster Turbine Pro IEMs.


I prefer an analytical sound and a good soundstage. I also like accurate bass and I like good instrument seperation and imaging. I prefer any music with good lyrics and an appealing beat or souind.


I have a TripleFi 10 IEM for on the go and for home I have a AKG K702 Headphone with a Fiio E9 Desktop Amplifier.


I don't own any Turbine products from Monster.

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Interested in the Turbine Pro Coppers, I am a huge audiophile that loves writing reviews.



I listen to a very wide genre. Right now I use my iPhone and iMac as my listening setup.


I have not owned a Turbine headphone.

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I'm very interested in trying those out.

I currently have the original Monster Turbines, as well as the Sennheiser HD448 and HD555, Sony MDR7506 and MDRV6, Shure SE530, and Klipsch S4

I usually listen out of a FiiO e7 amplifier or out of my ipod (touch). Songs are mostly FLAC. and 320 for others. I listen to all types of genres but mostly Symphonic Metal, Pop, and Rock.

My sound preference is warm with deep bass (but not too muddy that it overpowers the other ranges) and nice highs. 

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I have a very eclectic taste in music. I use grado SR80's, an ibasso D1 DAC, and a little dot I+ amp. soon though, I am getting a new DAC. I have never owned a monster product in my life

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Also interested...


I listen to most genres, but rock is dominant.  I've never used Monster in-ears, just Sony and Shures.  I listen through my iPod Touch, sometimes with my cmoy amp

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I would like to take part as well. Just entering the audio world and own a sennheiser CX300 and the Hd280 Pro. Like both but I want to try out the monster series of headphones. I've heard excellent things about the copper series. My rig is pretty simple but to my ears sound good.
Rig: iphone 3gs w/ ALAC cd rips. I have yet to get a decent amp or DAC but hey, you gotta start somewhere.
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I am interested.  I have serious stigma against any Monster products.  They must prove me wrong, and this is a great opportunity for them to do so.


I have several quality DAPs(imod, sflo2, sonyX).  I also have a highQ DAC/SS Amp at home to put the headphones to rigorous tests. 


You can't get any more unbiased review than from me.


If Monster is confident with their product, they would dare to have me review it.  I would be so brutally honest, I would make a grown man cry.biggrin.gif  

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