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I am definitely interested. I have never heard any Monster earphones (Turbines, Beats, or otherwise).


My current portable setup is either a Sansa Clip+ or an iPod Classic with a FiiO E5 (don't judge me!!!) and either Etymotic ER6i's or Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10's. I listen to all kinds of music, but my favorite artists are The Cult, Soundgarden, Boston, and Stan Getz.


This might be my only chance to try out earphones in the > $150 price range (I got my Triple.fi's on the Amazon sale for $99).

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I'd like to throw my hat into the ring too.  I've never owned any Monster products before.


Current Headphones


Fostex T50RP (heavily modded)

Sennheiser HD650

Shure SE530

Sony XB700

Koss KSC75


Former Headphones


Denon D2000

Denon D5000

Sony SA5000

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80

Beyerdynamic DT770/600

Beyerdynamic DT990/600

Audio Technica ATH-M50

Shure SE535

Grado SR80

Grado SR325i

AKG K340





Bottlehead Crack OTL tube amp

Maverick D1 DAC/amp combo

Indeed G2 Hybrid amp

Headroom Total Bithead portable DAC/amp combo

Practical Devices XM6 portable DAC/amp combo (incoming)


Source Devices


DAC sections from the combos above

Cowon D2+


Source Files


Everything from low bitrate mp3s to FLAC.  I just listen to what I like in whatever format I can get a hold of it in.


Taste in Music


Just about everything but country.  My main focus is metal followed by electronica but I've also got plenty of classical along with some classic rock, jazz, and a light sprinkling of rap and hip-hop.

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I am interested in hearing what the Monster Turbines sound like. They seem to be quite popular amongst the community here and I would like to give them a try myself.


Listening preferences: Chinese pop, female vocals, Russian operatic pop, techno, trance, electronica, orchestra, classical, jazz, country, rock, oldies, movie soundtracks.....pretty much anything except for American hip-hop and rap.


Current listening setup: (at home) - Macbook with Skullcandy Hesh headphones  (on-the-go) - iPod Touch 2G with Sennheiser CX-300 IEM's; in both cases I try to play FLAC or Apple Lossless music files when possible


I have not owned nor heard any of the Monster Turbine headphones before, but I would like to experience what "real" IEM's sound like as I'm starting to enter the realm of high-fidelity music reproduction.


Thank you,



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I would like to enter.

I enjoy a wide range of genres, mostly focusing on classical, hip hop, and jazz.


My portable gear consists of an iPod Touch, a Sansa Clip+, Sony PSP, and a Rio Carbon.

Home gear is TPA Opus DAC and a CKKIII amp.

Headphones I currently own are Sennheiser IE8, HD580, Sony MDR-Z1000, and Meelectronics M6.

Perhaps also relevant is that I've owned the Klipsch X10 and Ultimate Ears TF10 in the past as well.


I've never owned a Monster IEM.



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never own monster  phones


music preserence: indie, indie rock






would like to compare to my current set up:


IE8,  enyo-silver-cabled tf10, sony ex700lp and other phones


with cowon i7,  hifiman 601, pico dac, and ibasso d3 as source 

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I'd certainly be very interested in doing a review, from the perspective of a budding audiophile in his college years nonetheless! I believe Monster's market is strongly targeted at my age group (I'm guessing 18-30) and I'd probably be great candidate to review these. I may not quite yet have extreme-reference grade equipment, but what I do have sounds quite good to me, I am very used to the sound of my setup and would be able to A/B the Turbines against my current headphones with many types of music.


I have never owned any Monster headphones before.


Current equipment:


My home setup: J River Media Center (playing either .FLAC or LAME V0/V2 .MP3 from personal CD or vinyl rips) > optical out (24/96) > Matrix CUBE (combination DAC/amp) > modified Grado SR-80i or HeadDirect RE0.


Portable setup consists of either a 160 GB iPod Classic into a Fiio L3 line out dock or a Sansa Fuze into a DIY LOD out to either a Mini³ or a Fiio E5, then into my RE0s.


I also have a DIY cMoy amp that doesn't see much use, a Harmon/Kardon PM665 Integrated Amplifier with a pretty nice headphone circuit and a self-designed single 12AU7 tube amp as well as several pairs of backup/beater IEMs (JVC Marshmallows, Skullcandy, Coby, Sony, etc.).


I have a very varied taste in music, consisting predominately of hardcore punk, folk, experimental rock, bluegrass, underground/indie hip-hop and indie pop and rock. I also occasionally listen to classical music, many different kinds of metal as well as older blues/country recordings.

Thanks for your consideration, I've got my fingers crossed!

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Oho! I've been waiting for another promo from Monster for the Turbines!

My music preferences:

Rock, blues, jazz, metal, mali, Irish folk, acoustic, orchestral (modern and classical and more depending on the mood!

Current listening setup:

Sources -> Pioneer VSX-1020-K, HT Omega Claro Halo, iPod Touch 4th Gen, Sanza Fuze 2nd Gen, Sony Ericsson K790a,
Blackberry 9800 (Torch) and numerous vintage (1970s - 1980s) AV and stereo receivers.

Amplifiers -> Pioneer VSX-1020-K, HT Omega Claro Halo (integrated), Travagan's Red (AD743 opamps) and HiFiMan EF5
(hybrid tube/SS) and numerous vintage receivers.

Headphones (current and previous) -> HiFiMan HE-5, AKG K601, Shure SRH840, Pioneer SE-L40 (vintage), Beyerdynamic DT770,
Audio-Technica W10vtg, Sennheiser IE6, Sennheiser MX560 and Sennheiser MX680

I have not owned any Monster headphones or IEMs before, but have auditioned the Beats Studio and Beatbox iPod Dock at my store,
never had the chance to try out any of the Turbine models!

I just noticed this thread tonight, so I hope I'm not too late!


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Not sure if this is too late but I am interested in this.


My listening preferences are: hip-hop, techno, indie, acoustic rock, classical (orchestra, chamber music, etc).


I have never owned any of the monster turbine series, but have been steadily explored more and more IEMs.


My portable setup is currently iphone 4 > Fiioe5 > yuin ok2/Fischer Audio DBA-02/TF10. I enjoy a mix of neutral, highly detailed head phones (current desktop setup is macbook pro>muse 4x tda1543 dac>Schiit Asgard>AKG K702) and more "fun" sound signatures, with a V-shape curve (embodied by the TF10).


I believe I have a pretty sound grasp on much of the entry level audiophile equipment.


Thanks for your consideration!

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I'm VERY VERY interested in trying out monster turbine pro copper.


The music that I listen to are mainly pop, rock, R & B and hip hop.


Hope I can be the lucky 1 :)))





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would be a dream to win a pair of these.


anyway, im a student in portugal and have some experience with in ears, would love to write another review, but i dont have any money to buy new products to review.


would be so nice to review a pair of these.


i listen to rock, electronica, classical, a bit of rap, reggae etc....


have no experience with monster but have only heard good things about them.


i use a sansa clip+ rockboxed, with a cmoy, would review with and without the amp.


great challenge. good luck to everybody.


Oscar Stewart

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Would be interested to try out the MTPCs, have heard quite a bit about them and would like to see how justified the hype about them is. I'm interested in a neutral soundsig tending towards the bassy side (because I believe in human psychoacoustics not responding nicely to flat freq curves) but am also very picky about treble/mid detail, separation and body. Which sounds like pretty much what I've heard about the MTPC's soundsig so far. Wouldn't give myself credentials past my having played in both rock bands and orchestras and being familiar with sound-mixing but if anyone could use an objective opinion I believe I could try (:


Currently use a pair of DIY-modded woodied SR60s as well as DBA-02s (edit: now busted), with a pair of 1964-Ts coming along soon. DAP would be an iPod touch LODed into a CMoy, plenty of quality DIY equipment to make the most out of my extremely limited budget. Have borrowed SM3s for a period of time to be familiar enough with their soundsignatures.


Music preferences would be mainly classical and jazz, but with a good mix of rock (in most of its forms), metal, pop and funk thrown into the mix.

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Might as well throw my hat into the ring!
Music Preferences:
Electronica (particularly of Japanese origin), lots of JPop stuff, classical, jazz, rock... basically anything good and such! Though I am not all that fond of rap/hip-hoppy things - too many bad experiences with terrible mastering.

Listening setup:
I always use 320 kbps mp3s, FLAC/lossless if available; I like my sound clean and accurate both with the recording and transducers so I introduce as little "noise" as possible :)

Home - Headphones:
PC > KECES DA-151 Mk.I DAC > Original Master headphone amplifier > Grado SR-80is / Realistic Pro 30s (some vintage orthodynamics)
Home - Speakers:
PC > KECES > a vintage Onkyo Integra A-755 Integrated amp > Wharfedale Diamond 10.1s + PSB Speakers Alpha Subsonic 1 Subwoofer
iPod Touch 4th Gen > UltimateEars Metro-Fi 170s

I've yet to own any Monster products, but I've had the good chance to try out a number of the products - the Beats Studio, Solo, In-ears, Heartbeats, and the standard Turbines, all from other headphone-loving friends. I guess it would be pretty cool to compare and contrast this with the UltimateEars Metro-Fis and the other headphones/in-ears of my friends and I!

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well, this might as well be my first few posts.


Current and modest (a grad student has got to live on a budget) setup at my flat is a macbook for source, all music i listen to now are in FLAC. Listening through a Grado SR60i and a modest Senn Px100 for my commute to school. Portable DAC/AMP is an exploited Samsung Galaxy S that has a Wolfson DAC.


I also DJ using a Numark MIDI Controller using a Pioneer HDJ500


At home i listen to classical (mostly strings), rock (Muse / Queen ), pop rock , RnB (to use as mixes for DJing) and power ballads


I only listen to electronica as samples for mixing and a little of Drum and Bass.


Never owned a Monster product and would like to hear how they sound like.

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I think I will be a great candidate to review the Monster turbines. I am an amateur musician and I dabble in some home recording (been doing this for over 25 years). I have owned and auditioned many full size headphones and IEM's. As well as other hi-fi and budget-fi equipment.

I listen to many musical styles - from be-bop to fusion from indie to prog-rock from shoe-gazing to post-pop.

My current set up includes EMU 0404 USB and PCI, Sansa Clip+, iPhone 4 and several portable amps. My IEM's that get the most ear time are the UE TripleFi 10 Pro and the SoundMagic PL50. As far as full size headphones my favorites are my Grado SR-80 and my Beyerdynamic DT-770.

I do not own nor did I ever had a chance to audition the Monster IEM's but I would love to do so.

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I am interested, i've never owned a monster product.


Half of my music is alternative rock, followed by rap/hiphop/r&b, techno, and a bit of everything else. 320 or flac lossless. For analytical listening I mainly listen to soundtracks and classical flacs.


my current setup includes laptop>fiio e7 DAC>fiio e9/kenwood ka6004 Amp>k701s/m50s

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