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I am interested in reviewing a pair of monster turbine pro gold ear phones and listen a wide variety of music. i love natural sounding headphones that reproduce the music as accurate as possible and i currently use a Nuforce uDAC2 with a Shure SE353 for listening to music on my laptop. My musical preferences are jazz, blues, hip hop, Drums and bass, and techno.
i would love to review the monster turbine pro's and would love to hear one and give a proper review and possibly hear what i've been missing with these headphones.
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I'm interested. I've always seen them in various stores, and wondered how they'd sound because they seemed like they dominated the IEM section of the store by their presence. I've read good impressions about these and after listening to the CK10's flat response, I'd like to take a listen to the Turbine Pros and maybe attempt to do a comparison.

My set up is an iPhone 3G -> Cypherlabs Algorhthym Solo -> Meier-Audio CORDA Stepdance powered by 15volt setup with XP8000 battery back.

I listen to a various music, ranging from kpop, ballad, hiphop, alternative rock, classical, and scores like Inception, the complete LOTR set, Gladiator, Dark Knight, POTC, etc.

ALL my music are in ALAC.
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PLEASE sign me up


i'm an audio engineer,  music/sound IS MY LIFE

i'm on headphones 8 hrs. day recording/mixing/producing

i'm not a basshead,  i'm actually an audiogeek

i like to hear the sound the way it was recorded and not


i would HONESTLY say i think of all Monster IEM's as a "toy", for bassheads, and having that over the top over-exaggerated bass.


i'd LOVE to be proven wrong...



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Hi. I'm interested in contributing to the Monster Turbine Challenge. I previously owned the Turbine Pro Gold and loved it. I'm currently using Foobar 2K with Flac and 24 Bits HDTracks download with a Centrance Dacport at the office and SB Touch  <-> Nuforce Icon HDP + MappleTree EAR+ at home. For mobile I use a Rockbox Sansa Clip+ with Flac or iPhone 3GS. My experience with IEM goes from Shure E500, Westone UM2, Monster Turbine Pro Gold, JVC Victor FX-700, UE 700, Shure SE210 & Yuin PK1.


I listen to Classical, Jazz & Rock of all flavors but specifically like live acoustic recording.


Thank you for the opportunity on evaluating your products.





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HF'er here gone abroad for some study. Monster's just entering the market here. It's a bit harder to try out their smaller, more portable, stuff like the Turbines whereas the Beats are more often on display.


My current setup is mostly on-the-go listening via iPod touch 4th gen, 64gb with Audio Technica ck10's.  But I've decided I'm looking for more bass~ hence my interest in the Coppers.
I've pretty much dismantled my previous at-home-rig, due to the move abroad.


I listened to a friend's beats solo to try it out, but ruled that out instantly as it's still not portable enough for me to use.  

I'd like to try out the Coppers. I'd heard them for a short listen once before, and was impressed by the supertips. But the listening session itself was not in an ideal environment and too short for me to come away with much impressions.


Music listened to is a mix of some rock, rap, electronic, 80's-90's ballads, early 2000's Japanese pop, and experimental.

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I'm interested. Never owned Turbines before, but have considered the unique sound a viable option.


Headphone experience is pretty standard, with more knowledge of home theater, studio, and car audio.


Very detail oriented. Music preferences include, but not limited to, Progressive/Ambient Rock, Djent, Alt. Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop/R&B, and just about anything with multiple textures and layers.



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I'm interested in trying and reviewing the Turbines.  I've owned and tried tons of headphones, looking for great sound at great value.  Heard lots of great things about Turbines but haven't had the opportunity to try them yet.


I've had several pairs of in-ear headphones as well as other portable or semi-portable cans.  Haven't yet found a pair of earphones that doesn't lose something to supra- or circum-aural phones.  I own or have owned Sennheiser HD650, HD238, CX300; Audiotechnica M50, FC700A; Beyerdynamic DT770-Pros, DT235; Shure E2c, Koss KSC75, Etymotic ER6, and some early UltimateEars.


I typically listen to a wide range of music on my iPod 6.5G and iPhone with a Fiio E5.  I'm also interested in using in-ears for live music monitoring for vocals & acoustic guitar, but haven't found a pair that I've liked enough to replace traditional wedges (have tried Shure and Etymotic offerings in the past).

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Although I am only a Junior Hi-Fier and relatively late to the party here, I love a wide variety of music, I have a decent point of reference with my current gear and I write fairly well.

It would be a lot of fun for me to post a review from the newbie perspective.
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I don't have FaceBook.  Please add me to the list.  I would love to compare it to all my other IEM.

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I'd like to see how turbines stack up again my Grado gr8 out of my sansa fuze

I use only 320kb/s mp3s

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I'm interested in trying out monster earphones, specifically the coppers.

My Westone 3s were stolen this week, and my IE8s just don't satisfy me anymore.

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Interesting challenge since I'm about to buy new IEMs for personal usage and I had a look at the Monsters. However, I will probably go for Westone 2 instead. So testing the Monster Turbine Pro against those and my currently owned Panasonic HJE-900-k would be nice.
I am a music lover and dedicated to it, even my first memory has to do with music. :)
I mostly listen to Rock of various kind. Other genres that are in my daily rotation include: Funk, Grunge, UK Garage, Rap/Hip-Hop, Metal, (Hardcore) Punk, Electronic.
Bands include: Die Ärzte, The Streets, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flogging Molly, Coheed & Cambria, Marilyn Manson, Rage Against The Machine, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Rise Against, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Slipknot, Enter Shikari, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, ...
Besides these passive experiences, I also sometimes help a friend of mine who works as a professional producer. ( http://www.soundart-mediagroup.de/ )
Also, as a born German who has lived in the US for 9 months now, I could add a little international flavor to the challenge. :)
Thanks and have fun testing to the chosen ones! :)
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Sign me up please would love to compare some golds,pearls, or just the orginals to my coppers thanks for even considering me a for this lol!!!

HOPE ITS ME!!! AND Remember I'm not late I'm just located on an island in the pacific and were behind the normal times of civialization.

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I owned few universal IEMs include Monster Turbine and i liked there overall soundsignature with crisp, deep, punchy, fast bass. The dance tracks were very enjoyable with these and costruction was solid. I listen wide variety of music like Jazz, Vocal, Dance, R&B, Country, POP and chanson. Currently iam using JH13Pro with iPod Nano but I love to try these(MTP Gold) and write review.

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I listen to a lot of genres.  Classical, country, hiphop, rap and country.  I have a couple portable rigs, zune hd, zune, ipod classic, sansa fuze, sansa clip....amps include ibasso t3, rsa shadow, alo rx.  I have owned the Coppers and sold them to fund customs.  Would love to review them tho

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