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I'm in, I've been curious about the coppers and golds for some time now.


My current set up (that I'll be using for the purposes for this review) is my J3.


My current IEMs are Panasonic HJE900.


I have not owned any Monster Cable Turbines as of yet, but I have auditioned the standard Monster Cable Turbines for at least 2 hours.


Musical preferences are broad, with a library of jazz, rock, j/k-pop, classical, metal and electronica.


Sound preferences are slightly less than neutral for critical listening (slight bass and treble increase). And like darker sounding headphones for "fun" listening. I like to hear good bass extension, and sparkling treble, but dislike it if the treble is too harsh or siblant.

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**Please note: The Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Speakers were designed for critical listening for Serious Audiophiles and Audio Professionals. Specifically, they have been tuned for those who are looking for an in-ear monitor that will reproduce their source music as honestly and accurately as possible. This product will tell the audio story exactly as it is... accurate recordings will sound amazing and lifelike, while poor quality recordings will retain the same low-end quality. Before you apply, please keep this information in mind!



I would (really) love to test these Turbine pro coppers in my studio setup, i want to find out if these MTPC are good enough to produce the music i make and give me a "honest" sound like my Yamaha studio monitors and too a level my studio headphones does? like its claimed these should(or did i miss something?)


I currently use the sennheiser Hd 25-II and the Sony MDR-7509HD and AKG 240S and even the sennheiser IE8 and somethimes the Hifiman Re-0 with a Focusrite Safifire pro 24 DSP wich have a revolutionary (for me) feature called VRM (Virtual reference monitoring)


You can read about it here:  http://www.focusrite.com/products/saffire/saffire_pro_24_dsp/vrm/


I would love to test the MTPC  too compose my music and compare the results too these other studio headphones and iem i use.


The MTPC is going to be used with the Focusrite and find out how these in ear monitors adopt to the VRM function with it turned on and the vrm function turned off and how my mix comes out when i use these In ear monitors.


I also tend to use the Hd-800 and the Beyer T1 through another amp with the Focusrite as a source through a Texas instruments firewire connetion to check the final result too find out if the mix sounds "right".


I also use my Sony X1050, and would also love to listen to the Sony with these MTPC and find out how my dap drives them and most important of all how they sound on a portable setup and compare it to my other iem i have.


The most important factor for me here is to find out if these can be called "honest" In ear monitors. (like its claimed, like i write above that maybe i misunderstood it)


And my playlist often have some from Hip hop some electronica and even some mainstream music and soo on....



Best regards: Waqar




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I'd be interested in giving them a shot.


Most of my music collection is rock from the 60's through present, with bits of classical and jazz thrown in.  All but three are AIFF files ripped from my CD collection, the other three are 24/96 FLAC files converted to AIFF.


I put accuracy before musicality in choosing components and my setups are as follows:



Apple iMac containing AIFF files.

Apple MacBook Pro containing 192kbps VBR files from the same CD collection.

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPad 2



Benchmark DAC1 USB

TEC TC-7510


Headphone Amplifiers:

Benchmark DAC1 USB

TEC TC-7510

Schiit Valhalla



AKG K701

Sennheiser HD-600

Grado SR-80

Etymotic MC-3

Sennheiser HD-203





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I am also interested in testing those, i have never heard what a proper set of earphones sound like,

I listen to a wide variety of music genres; Techno/house/electronic, rock, pop, r&b, rap, flamenco.

Most of the music is encoded in FLAC.


Current headphones consist of the, Shure 440 and 840, Sennheiser HD650 and PMX 200


My current Amps for music listening are the Fiio E5, Total Bithead, Ibasso D6

I also Have a ipod 5 gen with the LOD for on the go listening.




I am also quite the gamer, when on my xbox 360 I use the headphone out from my Onkyo TX-SR607 reciever. For PC games I have the Soundblaster X-FI extreme gamer fatal1ty pro sound card.



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I am interested, my friend keeps on raving about his pair, but never let's me try them. Will be comparing them to a pair of Westone UM3X and ES5's, as well as various other headphones around the house, all fed with FLAC and lossless. Will also be monitoring with them on stage as well.

Regards, Brendan
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I am interested in testing these as well. I have heard the coppers on numerous occasions and the owner does nothing but talk good things about it. I will be putting it through a focusrite saffire 24 pro dsp for testing as well as the headphone out from a mackie mixer. I have owned ultrasone pro 900. Can currently compare them to sennheiser hd414 but mostly will compare them to KRK rockit 6 G2. Will be able to use to mix tracks down. Will record various guitars using these as monitors. Can also use them as monitoring for mixing a band live. Thank you.



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I am interested in trying Monster Turbine Pro copper.


Sound of Monster is always attractive to me. Strong Bass is the first impression to me.


I am using iPod Classic and I am going to try with one or two classical music, rock and some pop songs in wav if I am given a chance to try on it.




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Definitely interested. I currently listen to a lot of electronica and trance and occasionally a bit of rock or metal.


My setup is nothing fancy; nearly 100% FLAC files from either my laptop or desktop, or from my iPod 5.5G. I also just picked up a Cowon D3 as my new media player. My current earphones of choice are my Sennheiser IE8s. I have never owned any Monster headphones or listened to any of the Turbines before, so I'd be eager to see how they compare to my Senns.

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I would love to give these a run for the money. I currently use s4 with my ipad. I do tend to run amplified with a fiio 5. I prefer great accuracy and detail vs heavy bass. My main listening is alternative rock and heavy metal with a touch of orchestral pieces.

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i had a copper never tried the gold lovesss orchestra hope im picked =)


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I'm very interested in the Turbine line. Would like to compare them with my ER4P, UM1, Tours, and Westone 4 smily_headphones1.gif
I listen to a wide range of music, consisting of rock, pop, metal and synth

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I would love to do a proper review of the Pro Gold / Pro Copper.


I have owned a pair of Pro Golds in the past, but unfortunately, my impressions were a bit skewed due to a faulty driver. Due to this, it was hard getting a good reading because of the imbalance between the channels. But from the time I spent with it, I thought it was one of the most addicting and smooth sounds I've ever heard. The bass was outstanding as well as the rest of the sound. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to spend too much more time with them, and had them sold to someone here on Head-Fi. (He is the one who told me the driver was faulty. Luckily he got them replaced for free, still has the lifetime warranty, and I let him "name the price" due to my error).


Ever since then, I've been itching to try a new pair. I listen to all IEM's straight off my iAudio 7, to a variety of music all ripped in 320kbps MP3.


All my reviews get posted here, and on Amazon.

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another one interested here. I currently use a Fuze + fiio e7 setup w/ Etymotic er4s & senn IE8. I prefer accuracy over all else and have been extremely critical of Monster over past experience w/ the original Turbines' & beats extremely bass-heavy apporach. I'm curious to see if the pro model can actually break my Monster-prejudice. If so, I'd be the first to sing their praises. 












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I am very interested!


I listen to rock all types of it, and jazz. I own many monster products, and love them all. I would love to have the opportunity to review these AWESOME in ear headphones.

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Interested, of course! Especially since I have no experience from these products.


My musical preferences include mostly j-ska, pop punk, punk rock, pop, groove metal.


Current setup is pretty much lossless files from PC straight to portaPro... My setup is lacking an amp for the W1000X, going to fix this next week though. =D

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