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Id love to do it. Never had any of the Monster products in the past. I have plenty of experience with other IEM's however and could make good comparisons. I also have a good selection of DAP's to compare them with including P3, J3, Clip+, ZuneHD, D2 and S9.

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I'd be happy to join. 


My current portable setup consists of a rockboxed clip+ playing to coppers, while i use an audio-gd nfb12 --> bravo 12au7 system at home.


I mainly listen to classical, pop, and rock music, and would be interested in seeing how the golds stack up against my coppers.

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I'm interested for sure.

I just traded out my se530's for a set of se 535's. I have a creative xi-fi soundcard for my laptop that i carry with me everywhere and I sometimes use a Fiio E5 amp on longer trips or when I'm plugged into my Thunderbolt. When I'm on my computer I listen to everything from OAR to The Berlin Philharmonic to Ludacris and Tiesto. When i can I find a lossless version of a song I'm all about it (FLAC, ACC, WMA or Apple) but I'd say the majority of my music is 192-320kbps at a high sample rate. I'm in college in NY so I'm just starting to expand my appetite for audiophiliic toys (finally threw down for audio engine A5 speakers and I'm saving up for the S8 sub) but i'd love to be more involved with head-fi and be a part of the Monster Turbine Challenge. Don't mean to sound like a douche but I get pretty excited about this stuff. I even applied to internships at Bose and Shure.

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I am interested in participating in your contest; I own, and love, my Monster Miles Davis Tributes.

I listen to many genres. Mainly Rock and classic rock. I like a lot of the new alternative hybrid genres. Subdub, dance, and other techno. Jazz and classical. Jpop, Koreanpop, and Mandarin. Hip-hop/R&B (mostly major hits), and a lot of rap. (rap in the not so R&B form like immortal technique, cannibal ox, Wutang Clan, Cool Calm Pete, Rakim, etc.). Some Reggae.


I have a tube set-up (friend's darkvoice), a SS amp (Zero DAC/AMP, Pico, Lyrix Total amp), and portable gear (clip+, Ipod, HM-801). I can compare it to my full-size headphones (fun JVC HP-DX1000), or portable over-ear cans (ESw10jpn; as good as any full can). Or one of my many IEMs (UE triple-fi, Ime6, V-moda) and earbuds (Ok1, Pk3).

I could even compare to my Yamaha receiver, speaker set-up. (or listen to it from the receiver).


Of course using lossless audio format (FLAC), or 320 kbps mp3.


I listen for casual purposes. I have no professional reviews, besides my casual reviews via posts on forums.

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I am interested.  I have ETY4 p/s and Yuin PK1s.  Also LCD-2.  Source Audio gd NFB-8 WM and ipod 5.5.  Amp Audio-gd Phoenix and pico slim.  Thanks.

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I'll throw my hat in the ring.  


I've never owned any monster product ever.  

My current portable setup is 64 gig ipod touch running flac player app>ibasso t3d>meelec M6 (I've sold all my decent portable headphones.)

My home setup is media monkey using .flac>udac2>matrix m-stage>DT880/600 or Fostex t50rp (which I'm selling) or akg k501(which I don't have yet but just purchased).

My musical tastes vary.  I listen to everything except for country and metal.  I mostly listen to classic rock, prog rock, jam band type stuff, folk, indie, classical, some rap/hip-hop, and occasionally jazz or blues.  


Congrats to whomever gets chosen.  

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I would certainly be interested in trying and reviewing a pair of Turbines, especially since I haven't heard them before.


My equipment consists of lossless audio from my iPod > E-MU 0404 amp/dac > Shure SRH840's and Denon D5000's. My listening preferences are vast and somewhat eclectic, but if I had to choose a few I would say Hip Hop, Post Rock, Folk, and Metal. Female vocals, no matter how they're accompanied, will always have a place in my heart as well as mostly any music that draws a celtic influence.

As for my sonic preferences, I tend to lean towards the warmer side of the spectrum. Rich, tonal sound that carries timber; that is what I lust after. Of course, I still listen for accuracy and immediacy, and transparency is always refreshing. 


If picked I am sure I would do a good job, mainly because I am a thorough reviewer who has an in depth yet relatable writing style. Not to mention my decent set of ears!


Thanks for the opportunity!

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Very interested in this. I have tried out the coppers and would be interested to review the gold but would be happy to give my impressions on the coppers also. I honestly listen everything but try to tune my music to what the headphones are for. As with the gold I would listen to my rap and electro techno music. Thanks

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Hi! So interested in this. I have not owned any Monster headphones, I have owned their cables.
Currently my setup is very minimal, I have owned couple headphones V-Moda Vibes, a-Jays Three, Shure SE115 with a FLAC collection.
Wouldn't call myself a professional reviewer (trying to get into it) but a well studied consumer.
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I'm interested and make sure |joker| gets a pair.

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I would be interested in the coppers.  My brother owns both the turbines and the golds,  I haven't been impressed with either, but I am willing to try the coppers.  My current setup is UE11pro's through a udac2 all flac files.  I am also a sound engineer have over 1000 hours of live experience.  I have a very critical ear. 

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Very interested biggrin.gif


Listening preferences: Literally everything from classical to dubstep. Got 23 different categories of music on my player lol.

My current portable setup: FLAC/v0 ---> Cowon S9 ---> Shure SE425.

Never have heard or owned a Turbine. Heard most/owned top tier universals (IE8/TF10/530/535/etc).

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I would be interested in this, even though i have never owned Monster headphones before i was contemplating on buying the

Pro Copper's for my iPod. I mainly listen to rock and metal.

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I'd be interested - I listen to mostly rock, electronic, and classical.

My current source is the NFB3, my HP amp is the Audio GD C2 (connceted via ACSS)


I currently own the Sennheiser IE8 and Klipsch X5 as far as IEMs go.

I'm getting a pair of HE-5s soon.

And my speaker setup is Adam A7s + Tannoy TS10.


I have not owned any Monster IEMs before

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I'm definitely interested. beyersmile.png


I have been reviewing headphone equipment and manufacturer samples for over a year now on my youtube channel.


Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DeckhandDavy?feature=mhum

Site: www.deckhanddavy.com  < basically a tumblr site of all my video reviews compiled together


I do not own a pair and have not yet auditioned any of the Monster lineup of IEMs.


Listening preferences: My listening preference is less analytical and less neutral, while maintaining a good amount of balance, clarity and dynamics. I enjoy some coloration in my listening setups. I do love me some low end frequencies :)

My setups:


  1. Desktop: PC > Music Fidelity VDAC > Blue Circle HPT > DT990/600
  2. Laptop: FiiO E7 > FiiO E9 > AKG 701, DT990, D2000s
  3. Portable: Hifiman 601, sflo:2 > Headstage Arrow, AMB Mini3 > Yuin pk3, Fischer Eterna rev.2


Music Preferences: jazz, electronic, classic rock, electro house, pop, instrumentals

*All of my tracks are in FLAC format or other uncompressed audio file.


Thanks for the offering us head-fier's a chance to sample your goods and I wish everyone the best!






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