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I would be interested in this as well.


I've owned over 20 full-size headphones in the past year and a half, including quite a few professional monitoring headphones, because I love hearing music as it was recorded.  I never liked ear buds that came with portable players, and that has caused me to hesitate to try other in-ear models.


My main listening rig is a PC with optical out connected to a custom built Texas Instruments amp, though I also have a laptop that I use frequently with a Firestone Fireye II.  My portable listening comes via a Creative Zen, sometimes connected to a Firestone Battery Cute.

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Definately interested. In the past I´ve owned the Sennheiser IE 8 (first my cat bit the cord broken, then I forgot them in the washing machine) and Shure 530 IEMs (couldn´t stand the very deep insertion). Right now I´m looking for a IEM, so I´ve been reading all the current reviews etc. I´ve never tried any Monster product, so it would be a new and exciting venture. I listen to everything from classical to hip hop, but for portable use I mostly listen at the gym so I gravitate towards energetic and bass heavy music. What I loved in the Sennheiser IE 8 was the bass and soundtage for hip hop, and Monster turbines, on paper, sound exactly like what I´m looking for. If I lived in the states, I´d probably already have tried one of their models thanks to the aggressive pricing there. But here in the EU they are very expensive.


My main rig is an Audio-gd REF-7 Dac fed via an Audio-gd Digital Interface, Stax SRM-600 and SR-507 earspeakers. Before arriving at Stax, I owned the Sennheiser HD 800, Audeze LCD-2, Beyer 880 edition 2005 and Sennheiser HD 650. After a long journey I´m completely satisfied with my main rig, so my headphone interest these days strongly gravitates towards the portable realm.


If selected, I´d be writing a review.


Last but not least, I forgot to check if this competition is USA/Canada only... It probably is (so it rules me out). Oh well, good luck to everyone beerchug.gif

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I am interested

I never use a Turbine earphone but I am using monster cables and power conditioners. My main rig is Audio-gd digital interface> Audio-gd NFB10> Akg K702 Balanced. Portable rig is Creatie X-FI > Fio E5> Phonak PFE

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I am also interested.


I listen to almost all kinds of genre.


I am a good reader, I always read reviews online. I would love to create my own for the community. I have my iPod Touch 4G as my DAP.


For me, a good audiophile IEM can be seen without the use of an AMP.


I hope I can get one. I haven't tried any of the monster products. I would like to give my opinions regarding them.


Thank you :)

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I'm interested.  I haven't owned Monster IEMs but I own and regularly use q-Jays and Etymotic ER-6i.


Other headphones include:

  • AKG K701
  • Sennheiser HD-600
  • Grado SR-225
  • Grado SR-60i


My sources:

  • Bantam DAC (DIY)
  • Grub DAC (DIY)
  • Sansa e260
  • iPod video
  • Technics SL-1200 + AT440MLa cartridge
  • Onkyo SACD/DVD-A/CD/DVD player


My amplifiers:

  • HeadRoom Total BitHead
  • Millet "Starving Student" Hybrid  (DIY)
  • Millet MiniMax  (DIY)
  • Woo Audio WA 6


My listening preferences center mostly around classical, blues, jazz, progressive and classic rock.


I worked for 5 years as a professional guitar player playing blues/rock and latin. Recorded 2 independent albums with a blues band. Retired 7 years ago and only playing ocassionaly for fun now.  Currently studying solo jazz chord-melody style in my free time.



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I'd be interested. I've never owned or heard a monster turbine before. I mostly listen to jazz, rock, and classical mostly.

My home setup is foobar2k->Arcam rDac->Little Dot MKIII->AKG K701/Grado SR-80/1964-T
Portable setup is 5th gen iPod classis->fiio E7->1964-T

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I'm def interested


Have owned a set of turbines  in the past.


Set up: PC, Fiio E7 + E9 combo, Sennheiser HD598

On the Go: Fiio E7 + Ipod Classic + IE8


Music: Rap/Hip Hop, Metal, Ambient/Electronica, Lounge, Dubstep, Grunge, Soundtrack


Would definitely like to have a pair of turbines after seeing so much positive feedback.

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I'm in. I would use these with mt portable audio equip.: iPod touch, ZuneHD, and Clip+ as well as my portable amps: Pico Slim, Arrow G1, and my fiio E5.


I listen to Rock, Metal, & Hip Hop,


I've never had the Turbines.

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I'm interested. I have the standard Turbines now. I listen to DJ, Electronic, Rock, Funk, Blues, some Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Alt., Dance, Hip Hop.


I use a Sansa Clip +, Sansa Fuze, Sansa e260, and Sprint EVO with Fiio E5.

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interested in this, count me in!

let's see if these can survive a student-goes-to-school live.

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I'm interested!


I use sony sources mainly: the a818, a829 and a846. I can plug them through a diy amp/dac combo but I doubt I would, my daps are powerful enough for all my eaprhones.


I've never used any of the turbine lineup, although have used a lot of earphones in the last 7 years. I listen to a lot of everything but a lot of electronic/drum&bass/dubstep etc. The only things I don't listen to are metal and bassline, although I do listen to metal occasionally!!

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I'm interested in this.


I've owned and currently use the original Monster Turbine In-Ear Speaker! I also have the Dr. Dre Beats Solos and Dre Beat Tours In-ears.


I prefer the truest sound to the original possible. Sometimes, I also prefer an elevation in bass response as long as it's not overpowering.


Currently I own a Sansa Clip+, Sansa Fuze as my portables.  An ASUS 1201N with an asus usb soundcard as my home rig.

I have a Little Dot MK3 amp and use the Dre Solos and the Shure SRH840s.



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I would like to participate in this with the Monster. I am an audiophile for 35 years have the proper gear to audition these and write a detailed review here.

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Hi I am interested...I have heard them awhile back and like to participate in making a review on them.

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I'd be intrested in this trial, I curruntly own  the Shure SE420 iem's, but have read great reviews on the monster series IEM.  I listen to all forms of music, but tend to lean more towards jazz and bands such as Dave Matthews Band.




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