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I listen to all types of music and would love to try the these out i currently have a triple fi 10 for reference



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Im Interested in Reviewing these.


Currently I use custom molded Triple Fi 10's most often on the go. I also have a pair of Shure E4's. They are fed through my Zune HD.


I listen to Rock, Hip Hop, Blues along with a variety of other music.


I do not own or have owned Monster IEM's in the past

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im interested.

ive done a lot of reviews about iems of different brands.

maybe this time, its my time to review a monster iem.

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Sounds interesting!


My preference lean towards slightly forward and lush sounding earphones. A decent amount of bass needs to be present (at least). I am extremely sensitive to sibilance so overly bright and even slightly sibilant earphones do not go well for me.


Currently have a Sennheiser HD580, Beyer DT880, Ultrasone Pro-750 with a Shanling PH100 and LittleDot MKIII. 

Portable setup is a regular Monster Turbines out of my iPhone 3Gs. Also have a iBasso D3 currently.


As mentioned above, I'm currently using the Turbines as my day to day earphones, would love to try out the Gold or Copper models 


Thank you! 

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I would be very interested!


I have a Sansa Clip+, MacBook, iPad 2, iPod touch 4G. I also have a PA2v2 and a Fiio E9.


I enjoy a warm sound signature, but I also enjoy an anylytical one, I have the B&W P5's, the AKG k702's, the Panasonic RP-HJE-Zirconia's, and some other crud.


Never owned a Monster product before except possibly a cable.


I appreciate this opportunity.


Thanks a lot,



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I would be interested to review the Copper though I had owned them before. I traded for them with the Ortonfon e-Q7 and liked them a lot when paired with my iPhone 3GS. Since then, I had changed my equipment to the following: 


DAP: iRiver iHP-120

Amp: iBasso D10 with stock amp

IEM: 1964 Ears Quads


When I last had possession of the MTPC, I listened to more of Japanese and Chinese pop songs. However, now my preference has switched to Jazz and Classical and I will like to find out how MTPC presents these genres, particularly up against the 1964 quads.

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I already have and love the Turbine Pro Copper.  I wouldn't mind a second pair.  =p

Or a set of the Gold edition for comparison.

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I am in. I listen to variety of genres, my favorites are blues, blues-rock, female vocals, vocal trance, ambient.

My gear: HM-602 · iPod 240gb · iPhone 3G · Clip+ | Meier Move | HD650 · RE262 · xCape · TM5 · MDR-Q68LW

My reviews: Buyer's guides to the Best Earbuds & Best Clip-ons

I never tried Monster before.

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I am very much interested in this challenge.

I listen to rock, indie, electronic, hip hop and jazz. I like a bright (almost hear piercing) sound with tight bass, a flat frequency response if you will. I listen to redbook, hdcd and sacd formats.

My current setup is a Ultrasone hfi 2200/Sennheiser HD448, Marantz pm7003 amplifier and the Arcam cd92 cd player. I use selfmade power cables and powerstrip. I am more the 'speaker kind of guy' though and I mostly listen to my Elac fs67.2's. If I want to listen to a more warm and coloured sound I listen to an Arcam cd37, Naim, Totem Staff setup.

I never owned a Monster product before.
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hi there, please sign me in!!! i just ordered a monster turbine few days ago, and im so interesting to listen for a higher end earphone  from monster.

i dont know how people call my kind of music that i always listen to. the music that make by those original tribes who lives on the deepest mountain,so i need the wide sound stage of earphone to enjoy the music, which i think monster turbine pro gold and pro copper will provide, so please sign me in!!!

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I would love to try one of these sets.


I currently own the regular Turbines and would love to hear the difference between the two of them.



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I would love to review the turbines pro. I never have a monster product because of its commercial point of view (dr. dre stuffs). But I might change my mind based on the turbines pro wink_face.gif.


I listen mostly to Jazz, instrumental and vocal; fusion, guitar virtuoso (greg howe, richie kotzen, paul gilbert, joe satriani, steve vai, etc), classic rock, progressive rock.


My current mobile setup is iPhone 4 > Qables silvercab hybrid > iQube > ES3X. My whipmod is still in order so it might come on time for the review.


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if you don't mind sending one to australia :P i'll have a crack at reviewing it as best i can.


i have a wide range of music in japanese or english encoded in lossless or just normal 320kbps mp, these will be decoded via ASIO on Winamp


i run on my destkop a ASUS Essence STX Headphone Sound Card, creative x-fi fatality edition and a tianyun ZERO dac amp with OPA moon from audio-gd, these power my AKG 702 and a Alessandro Grado Lab MS-2. Majority of the time i use on ear or over ear headphones and was never really a fan of sticking buds into my ear canal as they weren't too comfortable when canal phones was first released.

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I've never tried Monster IEMs but would be willing to give it a try for review purposes. I mainly listen to Jazz and Classical music on a variety of devices, most listed below.

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Im' Interested!

I'd love to give my feedback!

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