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Monster Turbine Challenge - Reviewers Wanted!  

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Monster Turbine Challenge


Monster Cable is looking for Head-Fi community members to take part in their new “Turbine Challenge” exclusively on Head-Fi, and on Facebook! We’ll be giving out 4 pairs of Turbine Pro Gold and 5 pairs of Turbine Pro Copper in-ear headphones to 9 Head-Fi members (selections made with guidance from Head-Fi administrators). Similar to programs in the past, all we ask is that you reply to this thread if you’re interested in receiving and reviewing one of our Turbine models. Let us know your listening preferences, current listening setup and whether or not you already own [or have owned] a Turbine headphone from Monster.


Unlike past Monster Turbine review programs here on Head-Fi, this one doesn’t just end within the forum. We launched the “Turbine Challenge” on Facebook as well to give more listeners the chance to take part. So, while we want you to have an exclusive chance to give us your opinions here on Head-Fi, you can also head over to the Turbine Challenge on Monster’s Facebook page for another way to participate: 




All 9 reviewers for the Head-Fi portion of the Turbine Challenge will be contacted by April 8th, however, entries may be submitted via the Monster Turbine Challenge on Facebook until April 30th.


**Please note: The Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Speakers were designed for critical listening for Serious Audiophiles and Audio Professionals. Specifically, they have been tuned for those who are looking for an in-ear monitor that will reproduce their source music as honestly and accurately as possible. This product will tell the audio story exactly as it is... accurate recordings will sound amazing and lifelike, while poor quality recordings will retain the same low-end quality. Before you apply, please keep this information in mind!

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id be interested. ive had the gold before. 


i have a cowon j3 as my dap. 

previous earphone experience is pretty wide. my current earphone is a jh16


listen to rnb, jazz, classical, rap, rock, pretty much everything.

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Id be interested on these. I only have had the gold before and I would use these with my main DAP the iPhone 3g and iPhone 4.
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I'm interested.


I listen to a wide variety of folk, electronic, pop, folk, jazz music.


My current setup consists of high quality uncompressed (Lossless AAC) through my Headroom Micro Amp and DAC


I own a regular (original) Turbine and have been wondering if it's worth it to upgrade to a newer model. My reference IEM are the Triple.Fi 10 Pro

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I am interested.


I have not owned a Monster Turbine earphone before. I listen to Latin Jazz, as well as a wide spectrum of Rock. My listening setup at home is currently MacBook Pro > Firewire 800 > Presonus FireStudio > JH16 Pro recabled with TWag v2. File quality is between 320kbps AAC, and 24/96 Apple Lossless. For outside listening, I listen through the headphone out of an iPod touch gen 4.

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BTW i listen to a wide variety of rap, pop, reggae, and electronic
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Sign me up.


I listen to classic rock, metal, classical, and jazz.


My portable is a Sansa e280 --> SRH840


Home is: Audio-gd Dac19 --> CKKIII or Lyr --> HE-5, SR225, SRH840


I have never owned a Monster Turbine headphone.

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I would definitely be interested in this.  I have never owned any of the Monster line but have seriously considered the Miles Davis for my portable setup.  


I listen to jazz, rock, and classical mostly and really enjoy live recordings best.  The more detailed the better.  I enjoy hearing the conversations of the audience or even the performers in some of the tracks the I listen to.  


My current setup is Macbookpro - SSMH - DT880 or DT48 for home (AIFF or FLAC) and Ipod classic / Iphone 3g to Sennheiser CX400 for portable.  I've got several dacs in work and they will be added as they are finished.    

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I would be interested.  I'm an audio engineer (speaker designer) and my gear/setup is in my footer.


I listen to redbook and better quality rock, electronica, classical and folk.

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wouldn't mind to try something new,


currently set up sony X-1050 with the original NC Sony headphones for portable and AKG K272 in the office


haven't tried the turbines before


listening to lossless or at least 320 electronic music, hard/ punk rock, classic, hip-hop, vocal/ live music

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hello, I would be interested


my main genre is rock, with a bit of everything else


my setup consists of a 7th generation Ipod classic with lossless files hooked up to a lineout connected to the Ibasso T3D along with a pair of 1964 ears quads



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I'm interested. I have never heard either model prior.


My current main system is : sennheiser hd800 > Black cube linear > Cary Xciter Dac > flac files on my computer


I also own several other headphones including the yuin pk1 earbuds.


I would test these on my main system, and also use them with my ipod.


I listen to all music, recently mostly classic.



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sign me up please. 

honestly I currently don't have a very wide experience of the in ear listening, but I wouldn't mind trying something new.

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My portable setup is a Sony NWZ-A845 with the stock IEMs.

My home rig is a Shure SRH750 with my onboard soundcard Realtek HD (but my Fiio E7 will arrive next week) using foobar2000.


I listen to a very wide genre of music: Jazz, Fusion, Grunge, Punk (mostly hardcore), Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Electronica, Indie Rock, some Symphonic and Folk bands too. Mostly FLAC, although some 320Kb/s MP3 show up.

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I'm actually very interested in the Monster Turbine Pro Coppers...


Everything I have heard about them leads me to believe that I might like them to supplement the bass emphasis in my TF10.


(The SM3 and the Coppers are the universal iems that I am still very interested in trying.)


I bought 2 pairs of Monster Turbines around Christmas for my cousin and girlfriend but have not listened to them yet (just couldn't give them opened boxes).


I now have the UE RM running out of Benchmark DAC1 (finally bought the thing from my friend) so I have a pretty good reference set-up now to use for comparisons and as a baseline.


Thanks for the consideration, I would also be willing to pass them on to someone less fortunate after listening to them and doing a review but if they are what I think they are I would like to have a pair!


Ah, music is now even more varied- electronica/ambient, rock, jazz/blues, spanish guitar, and later more classical... 



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