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Looking for a great <$100 IEM shipping inside EU

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Hello, long time lurker, first time poster.


I'm looking for a better replacement for my current flimsy Sleek Audio SA6, but this time I don't want to break the bank.

I really like their sound signature (which is quite balanced yet musical), but would prefer something with a bit stronger bass and especially better extension both ways.

I pretty much liked Senn IE7 after cutting midbass with EQ, though the detail clearly was inferior to SA6.


Edit: I use IEMs with a custom passive crossfeed circuit, Bauer style but stronger and higher cutoff frequency.


I'd especially like to hear any comparisons to SA6 (b+ t=). I specifically value info about build quality here, these are supposed to be

used in day-to-day scenario.


My current picks based on the large thread would be, in no particular order:

Hippo VB

MEElectronics CC51


Brainwavz M3

Phiaton PS 20 (not sure it will fit)

Klipsh S4 (likely too heavy in bass and sibilance)


I haven't listened to any of those rare and hard to get IEMs and I've never bothered to check Klipsch S4.


I've already read the great comparison thread and I've a few suggestions myself, I'd appreciate comments and info on shops where some of the more rare models can be found shipping from Europe. Shipping from US is too expensive.

Extra credit if you can find a seller in Poland.

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I strongly suggest the Shure SE215 as think it will cover all your requirements
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Those Shures are over the budget unfortunately wherever I can find them. (EU price is 99 Euro!) Maybe they're cheaper in the US, but not here.

EDIT: No, SE210 are also over budget. SE115 are within, but I suspect they're clearly inferior to any of the abovementioned.


EDIT2: For reference, Shure SE210 (which I've listened to in the past) are lowpassed more than SA6, have less bass and are less detailed. Only the signature more or less matches.

Of course can't have everything, but some of these IEMs mentioned above are supposedly better.

SA6 are in my listening -6 dB bandwidth in range of 28-16.5kHz. (bass rolloff starts at ~40 Hz)

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Bumping and adding extra info:

MEElectronics has cheap enough shipping for the IEMs to fit in the $100 bracket incl. shipping, so you don't have to go looking around for shipping from EU.

Still waiting for some comments, perhaps in more head-to-head comparison style with something I've heard. Search function didn't cooperate and the big IEM thread doesn't compare those to anything I've heard. (No, I haven't heard RE0)

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$100 shipped and they had a 10% off coupon last time i checked.

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$30 for Fedex International. Also, there's no way to pick Poland as destination country for some reason. (Germany is available)


MEElec ships for $20 (via USPS, but they haven't caused me problems in the past) and to Poland. Of course I may have to pay tax on this... 23% of the price.

Still need more help tracking better offers.

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Additional bump.

My perfect IEM would be like SA6 with Treble= and Bass+ filters in other regards, but composited with an EQ similar to this:


SA6 cope pretty well with this EQ, but one can't create bass and highs from nothing - it cuts off abruptly right out of its bandwidth.

Suprisingly, this curve improves soundstage somewhat.


This is slightly brighter than SA6 (but not sibilant unlike Treble+ port), quite a bit bassier in a good, defined way.

Feel free to also throw me such IEMs from higher ranges - I might buy one of those some day.

(besides the obvious SA7)

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