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For Sale: Cavalli SOHA II rev. 1.0 (populated but unfinished)

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For Sale:
Cavalli SOHA II rev. 1.0 (populated but unfinished)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my SOHA II rev. 1.0 that has been sitting longing to be finished. I have no idea if something is wrong with it, but I vaguely remember having an issue while doing initial testing of it. Something did not measure correctly I think. Its fully populated, with some exceptions as pictured. No alps pot and headphone jack mounted for example. I have a chassis mounted Neutrik available though. No LEDs soldered or included as well, just pin headers. I do have two tubes of different brands that I can include, but they are untested by me. Also, the standoffs in the picture are not included.


Make me an offer for it since I have no idea what to charge for it.

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PM for questions.

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