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Triple flange ADDIEMs?

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Tried stock, tried sony, tried comply t140's, so now I want to try tri flanges. I'm looking at these: , but I cannot seem to find the specs on the ADDIEMs. Do they have a 2.5 mm diameter stem? Would they take the short or the long stem? I liked the comply t140's best, but they get too dirty too quickly. Thanks for any help, 

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They'll be fine and I'd opt for the short.

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The earplugstore triples stretch quite a bit, they even fit the ck10s. The good thing about the long stem version is you can snip them to size with a pair of scissors for a custom-like fit. smily_headphones1.gif
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really good call; did not think of this.

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Monster triples fit as well. They're quite cheap on ebay.


Pic: (ignore the cable)



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