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Brainwavz M2 cost $60 (including shipping)

Bose IE2 cost $70~90 (70 when you buy it in ebay).


People say Brainwavz M2 sounds good.

But many people also say IE2 also sounds good.


Seems like isolation is better in M2.


Comfort is better in IE2. (I mean, it's bose. How can it be uncomfortable?ha ha)





Those 2 in ear headphones are what I'm concerning to buy right now.

I want to buy M2 actually but I'm not sure how does it sound.

There are only 3 reviews of M2 that I can find.

I just want to make sure. You know;;;


P.S. If you tell me the example of full size headphones that makes similar quality of sound as M2. I would really appreciate it.

        I'm not familiar with In-ear headphone but I'm familiar with full size headhpone