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Help A Newbie Out?

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Hi everyone,


I've been lurking these forums for about 4 weeks now, today is my first day as an actual member. Firstly I'm amazed at the number of quality reviews and topics on this forum, it's out of this world.


I need some help though, I'm lost when it comes to headphones. I recently bought my first smartphone, the iPhone 4, and use it as my primary DAP. I'm travelling on a bus to university everyday or walking down depending on the weather. I'm looking for a set of headphones to help pass the time and put me in a good mood. Here is the criteria I'd like, my budget, and some headphones I've found.


I have cheap Skullcrushers for active stuff like running/biking etc so these wouldn't be used for any activities such as that, just sitting at home, library, on the bus and walking around the city. I have had a set of Sony MDR 7505's before and I liked them but they just didn't fit well with my glasses, as well I had a set of Shure 115's, I really enjoyed these sound wise but they did hurt my ears.




300.00$ plus taxes CDN 

I'm a university student, considering that $300 is almost my monthly rent I don't want to go over that limit.




- Preferably have an iPhone in line remote (not a necessity)

- Circumaural or at least on ear (had a set of Shure 115's back in high school (2003), liked them but my ears would hurt after a few hours)

- Noise cancellation isn't a huge deal for me, given my environments I feel that most options wouldn't work (public buses)

- Prefer a single cable rather than the y cable style

- Removable / detachable cable (I destroy cables, always what ruins my headphones)

- I cannot afford an amp and I really do not want one (portability reasons)


I listen to a wide variety of music, mostly blues, rock, jazz and some vocal. Very little HipHop or Rap, and occasionally some metal.


Headphone Selections


V-Moda Crossfade LP - $199.95

Bose On-Ear - $179.95

B&W P5 - $299.95

Shure SRH 440 - $99.95

Shure SRH 840 - $229.95

Klipsch Image One - $149.95

Sennheisser HD 428 - $99.95


These are what I've found in this forum to be some of the better options. I really did enjoy the sound from the Shure 115's I owned and aside from the cable breaking they worked perfectly. I do enjoy the specs and looks of the B&W P5's, especially the cord and inline iPhone controls but from what I've heard they aren't the best bang for the buck.


Sorry if this is in the wrong  section, and I don't want to seem like one of those members who posts only once and then leaves. I greatly appreciate any help that can be provided and I can't wait to contribute back to the community.


- M


P.S. I live in a very odd set of climates from 38C to - 17C depending on where I live throughout the year so I'd like something that would be comfortable in the warmer, more humid climate.


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forget the bose, would look into the shures or look into a make called superlux, they are cheap and very good from what ive heard.
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Where would I find SuperLux? I'm not a fan of buying online, I like to shop in stores.


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oh ok, i think you can mainly buy superlux online. Thomann.de
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I'll keep them in mind if I run across a pair on ebay or something, thanks for the input :D

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Ultrasones sound like they would fit your physical description best.

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no problemo
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Opinions on AKG K514 or K271 MK II?
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