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For Sale:
FS: Nugget Audio B22

Will Ship To: USA

edit: SOLD


$1100 shipped FIRM within the USA only (to verified US addresses). Condition is 9/10 for a DIY amp (on the Audiogon scale). This B22 is a 2-channel build and includes dual RCA inputs, pre-amp output, and speaker terminals. Gain is set at 8x, which makes it perfectly functional for medium- to high-impedance headphones, including the HiFiMan HE-6, which I most recently tested it with.


The chassis measures 17"x12"x3.5" excluding protrusions (i.e., the speaker terminals on the back, volume knob on the front, and 1/4" feet). Add approximately 1" for the speaker terminals and volume knob (so about 14" depth).


B22 usage note for those unfamiliar with this amp: headphones should never be unplugged from the amp when volume is set at any position above zero, whether music is playing or not. The amp was rendered non-functional last year when this happened at a meet. (The issue has since been fixed, however.) It's typically recommended to plug in headphones when the amp is off and then turn it on.

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