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Recommend closed headphones for around $450?

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I've got about $350-$400 I can spend on a used set of closed headphones, which I figure should mean $450-$500 new, yes? I'll be using them at work almost exclusively, in a open/cubicle environment (where people have complained about my open phones in the past). I listen to most everything, so I'm looking for a versatile performer but def also want capable, tight bass. Classical, opera, hip pop, rock, metal, jazz, blues, etc.

I've had some stock Denon D2000's, and wasn't a fan. Despite the lack of clamping force, they still weren't all that comfortable and I didn't like their sound signature that much. Just felt a bit sloppy. I'm sure some will recommend Denon D5000, and while I'm not adverse to the idea if they are what's best in my price range, I'm initially disposed against them based on my impressions of the D2000's. I also have some Aiaiai TMA-1's that are fine for what they are (portables), but being on-ear is much less comfortable than circumaural, and it turns out I don't really need the portability, either.

I have some IEMs that I really like (Earsonic SM3), but at my job I have people pop-by regularly, so taking them the IEMs in and out frequently gets tiresome. I still use them when it looks like I'll have an hour or so un-interrupted, but I generally can't count on it.

So, what do you recommend in a good closed set? I want comfort for 8-10 hour (non-continuous) wearing, glorious sound, and not too delicate. My audio chain is: flac -> asio4all -> foobar2000 -> USB -> Gamma 1 DAC -> M^3 amp -> headphones

Thank you. smily_headphones1.gif
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Have you tried any of the Ultrasone Pro series? Seems like a new or used Pro 900 could fit your bill. They'll be tight fitting at first, but will loosen their grip after a bit.

Great closed headphone right in your price range, new or used.
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ATH-ES10, ESW10, Pro900, Fischer Audio FA-003, JVC and Sony.

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obzilla: I haven't had an opportunity to try out any headphones in this pricerange yet, so I'm looking for advice and opinions. I'll look into the Pro900, thanks!

ZARIM: The ES-10 and ESW10 are what I had in mind when I was thinking of as not "durable" so much, am I wrong about that? I'd heard they were a bit delicate and easily marked up. Also, not circumaural. And are the FA-003's as HUGE as they look? Aesthetics are less important than sound and comfort, but I still don't want to look silly amongst my $10-$20 headphone co-workers. And which JVC's and Sony's are you recommending? Were you intending to recommend these sets or just help me know what's out there?
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I do not think the pro 900 would fit your music taste as it's such a bass heavy headphone. Although that being said the bass it provides is very special and non-obtrusive, so I may be completely wrong and it may not bother you at all as the mids and highs are both crystal clear (though the mids are slightly recessed).

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colmustard: so what you are saying is that it has a wonderful sound with great bass, that I will either like or not? I don't think there are any vendors nearby, so I'm just hoping one pops up on the ForSale forum so I can check it out.

Does anyone else have any suggestions from first-hand experiences?
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