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Need a usb DAC / amp for my HD25 1-II

Poll Results: Which DAC/Amp to pair with HD25 under $200

  • 33% (1)
    iBasso D2+
  • 33% (1)
    Leckerton UHA-4
  • 0% (0)
    Headroom Total Bithead
  • 33% (1)
    Other (Please list the name and why it's better in your post)
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This week I purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD25 1-II, so now I'm looking for a portable amp to pair with them.


The amps/dac's I have been looking into are:

iBasso D2+, Leckerton UHA-4 Slimline, Total Bithead

It will be paired with my Sansa Clip+, Ipod Classic or my work computer.


I would like to know your opinions on which one provides the best sound quality, or if there is a different dac/amp for under $200 that is better.

I tried to research them as best I could, but the threads either weren't comparing these particular models or the whole thread turned into an argument about Fiio amps.  Speaking of which, the amp I will be upgrading from is a Fiio E5.


Thanks for your help.

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If you haven't seen this thread I highly recommend you check it out:




I don't have personal experience with amps but I do use the same headphones. However, I have received an Icon Mobile but haven't had the chance to test it, I also took a leap of faith and ordered the Corda 3Move which will hopefully arrive by this weekend. I'm no expert but if you're interested I can repost later on how they work with these headphones.

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I just ordered some HD25-II to go with my iQube...ill let you know how they are tomorrow :)



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brrgrr, thanks for that link. It's a tad overwhelming, but it gets the job done.
Jonnip, great! Looking forward to your impressions on the pair.

I can raise my budget up to $300 if needed, since this will likely be the only amp/dac I buy for a while.
Lately I've been considering the iBasso D4 or D6 and Leckerton uha-6
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The Leckerton has been getting quite a bit of praise from those who own it, aside from the guy with the bad usb port, but he got the board replaced and all is well. I just ordered the UHA-4 I'll let you know how it goes...


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Subscribed! Don't really need a dac but I'm totally looking for an amp that will make these guys sing!
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