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Need a player for car..

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      I am currently searching for the right MP3 player for me. I have Sansa fuze with lineout connector, but it doesn't meet my needs(only has gapless with rockbox, but then lineout is disabled with rockbox). Its time for an upgrade. I primarily use my mp3 player for playing music in my car -- plugged in through the AUX jack(why I feel I need line out). The criteria I have set for a player is line out capability, gapless playback, and room(or at least expandability) for more than 16GB of memory. I have done some research but would like to hear some input. The s:flo2 looks good at 32GB memory max with flash card, but where can I get one? Ipods are the only other option I can see. Does the Ipod Touch have line out capability(with a connector) AND gapless playback? Are there any other players that I am missing? Also, I don't mind loading new firmware like Rockbox to get what I want.


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Others, such as the old zune work fine. I have been using my old 30gig zune for car use via the aux input. A line out is not required, the HPhone out works just the same. Not sure why RB would affect this ability. Cheers

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The S:Flo 2, can be purchased here: http://mp4nation.net/catalog/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_36_58

Yes. The iPod does offer gapless playback and offers the line out option. Fiio offers the cable in Amazon.

I don't have experience with any other PMP's, so I can't really recommend anything. You could check out a company called Cowon though. http://www.jetaudio.com/products/
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