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Best amp under 500$

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Really, what is the best amp under 500$?.... i was looking at Lyr from schiit... is anything better?...... at this price?



let's say that i will try to drive headphones like sennheiser hd650, hd800, akg k701, beyerdinamic t1, audeze lcd2...... at least these are all headphones that i know to be the best around 1000$...


except for the sennheiser hd650, which i heard that sounds very sweet for it;s price....

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Lyr will give you the most power for buck but it most likely won't be the best sounding. Also the headphones you state you'll be using have different amping philosophies- orthodynamics sound real good only if you give them enough juice, dynamic phones on the other hand doesn't need that much but will be more revealing of unrefined amping and source. That said- if you buy the LCD-2 then by all means go and get the Lyr (though LCD-2 isn't that hungry compared to single digit siblings from Hifiman). If you go the dynamic route then putting more funds into amping could be needed.


Also look into what kind of sound signature are you looking for. Tesla and LCD-2 are quite different sound wise.

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For a Dac/Amp, Fostex HP-A7.





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I would wager an M³ would be up there in the top in that price range.

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tk3!  I noticed you have an L3000, AD2000 and W5000.... can you recommend an amp under $400 for my A2000X? I'm having trouble finding a good amp for it (with good synergy), preferrably I want a Dac/Amp combo for computer audio.

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That new Butte amp from Apex seems to be worth considering. Tyll at Innerfidelity recently reviewed it.

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What about going used and getting a Wood 6?

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Used Concerto if you like SS

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