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I am looking for a good pair of earphones as an upgrade to my $5 pair of Panasonic earphones. I figured that I would need to find something with even more quality sound.


I have been looking around for some earphones, but I am having trouble of finding which one is better than which. So far, it seems as if I am leaning for the MX 471.


I am the type of guy who just digs clarity and would like a good amount of bass that would not ruin the balance of the music. I listen to a lot of vocal trance which means a lot of bass is involved, but I do not want the bass to distort the ambient sounds and the vocals while still maintaining a good amount.


I would appreciate in any help on which ones to get. If you have any recommendations for other earphones that would fit my interests, feel free to say so. I have a budget of $30. Thanks!

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