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Comply Tips Review

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Im new to this forum, and this is the first thread that I have started. I am doing a review of the Comply Foam tips.

First off, I would like to thank Comply and their representative on headfi (Comply, aka Nate) for selecting me to do a review of their foam tips.

When I got home from Panama City for spring break, I had quite a surprise waiting for me...... A box of 3 sets of Comply Foam Tips!

I immediately tore open the package and put them on the closest IEMs I had, my MeElectronics M6-Cls. The Comply Tips fit right on, without any issues, and are quite easy to get the hang of and insert. They provide SUPERB sound isolation, great comfort, and of course, I am delighted to say that they tamed my M6s. Previously, while I had loved the sound and fit of the M6s, the top end was a little too bright and shrill, with alot of sibilance. The Comply tips tamed the sibilance, and helped to balance out the overall sound of my IEMs, and also made them much more comfortable, especially for extended listening periods.

Overall, I would highly reccomend the Comply Foam Tips to any user looking to get the best comfort and sound out of their IEMs.

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If anyone has any comments or pointers to help my review, please drop a comment!

thanks! etysmile.gif

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Nice, thanks for the good vibes.

I'm glad you like them!

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If it weren't for Comply tips (as many of you know) I would not be able to use IEM's.

Well... OK, I guess I could use the Shure Olives... but they don't work nearly as well as the Comply P-series.

I can't use flangies or other silicone-type tips, so it's also part of the IEM vetting process for me. If I can not use the P-series on the IEM, I won't buy them. It's really that simple.



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Aww, Shane, we're blushing.

Glad you like our tips!

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I like to mod the comply tips as I read around here somewhere. It was to cut off (w/ scissors) the extra ends of the tips that come after the filters (if you get the black/filtered comply tips). It gives me the best sound.


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I'm a new IEM user and I find the Comply tips that came with my j-phonics very comfortable.



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Comply tips are my saviors for everyday living. My Westone 4's are always inside my ears during my commute, and the comply tips are right there with them. Astounding isolation(hooray for no more loud engines disturbing my music anymore!), and excellent sound. Thanks Comply!


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I was really surprised at how much it tamed the top end of the MeElecs. With the normal silicone tips the top end was unbearalby shrill, but now they sound great!

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How long does a set typically last?



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actually, if you still find your M6's too shrilly, the comfort sieries does a better job since the lip closes in a little more. By intended design, I find they dont work well for my headphones; although they are still very comfortable when inserting them backwards, and they dont affect the treble.

still, I kinda like the way they look backwards tongue.gif


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Originally Posted by Infoseeker View Post

I like to mod the comply tips as I read around here somewhere. It was to cut off (w/ scissors) the extra ends of the tips that come after the filters (if you get the black/filtered comply tips). It gives me the best sound.


Yes, I trim the foam overhang flat to the black plastic core. It was kwkarth who first recommended that quite a while back and I've been doing it ever since... and highly recommending the practice  wink_face.gif

It allows the highs to come through unscathed.


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I'm digging all this Comply love!

I've never tried a mod on our tips... seeing all of the murmurs on here makes me want to try it though.


Tone Seeker: The lifetime of Comply Foam Tips varies a lot from person to person. Some tips are to: 1. Keep your ears clean (ear wax and other gunk deteriorate the foam). 2. Don't toss your tips in your gym bag (don't trash them, basically). 3. You can clean them with warm water and a cloth (don't use anything with alcohol or other cleaning products).

They're very durable though, despite being foam. There are variables even in our offices. Personally, they last me longer than most.

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Does Comply have a set that fits the Sleek Audio SA1's?


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As of this second, we don't have any tips compatible with SA 1s. We're constantly working on building our compatibility list, but it's surprisingly intricate. We have a team of engineers who build our products and have a rigorous method for testing earphones with our tips.

Right now the only earphones from Sleek Audio that work are SA 6s.

Sorry man

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