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For Sale: Sold: AKG K501

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For Sale:
Sold: AKG K501

Will Ship To: Canada & US (50-States)


I've got this pair of AKG K501's a little over a month ago. It reminds me a lot of the sound of AKG K701 but sounds more natural and organic [than the K701]. It just seems to me that the K701's are more analytical [which I really enjoy], with a tad bit more bass quantity and extension. I'm sure I could get more low level detail out of the K501's by upgrading my setup, but I'm slowly upgrading my setup and I was happy with the low level detail on the K701 so I'm just going to move back. I know I can also improve the bass quantity on the K501 by upgrading to the K601 pads, but I've already spent more than I should of to get a pair of K501's [I'll leave that for the next owner to do]. The elastics are pretty much worn out, but if you have a big head (or just a bigger head than I [I have a small to average sized head]) it shouldn't matter it'll just limit out and become a non-issue. They are also a cheap and easy fix if you use hair band elastics. The headband leather looks like it was hung on a headphone stand and never used (it had a ^ in the center that has been slowly disappearing with normal use). The housing and the quality of the leather headband looks like new. The cable is in good condition and includes the screw on 1/8” to 1/4” TRS adapter. The earpads look in great shape, the foam has good give and there is no discoloration that I can see of the black fabric. They are the V1 version (Middle Production) as you can see in the pictures. If you are wondering what they sound like there are many threads on Head-fi about the four great KX0X headphones [K400/K401/K500/K501]. I paid more than I should of to acquire this pair [$194] and would like to recover some of my losses and am looking for $185 firm, including shipping [which is at a loss to me]. Shipped to Canada and the US (50-States) only. PayPal only.

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Are you selling these anymore?

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Sold within the first 30mins of posting, sorry.

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