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Taket portable super tweeter - what the heck is this thing???

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funny things happen when your ad blocker stops working...


anybody know what the heck this thing is?


i see no other info on this thing..  where does one procure such a strange device?

if its cheap enough i'd be happy to guinea pig...




  The main specification
1.Range of reproduction frequency and efficiency; 20kHz-150kHz
about 70dB/1m
2.The maximum voltage; 150V
3. Mass;About six grams
4. Impedance; ∞~100kΩ(direct current-100kHz)
5. Because an electric specification is the same as BATPURE,
and high impedance, the load to the amplifier etc. is minimum.

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It's a modified rodent repellent.biggrin.gif

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well taket is known for speakers and electrostatic headphones.. i believe in Japan. this thing is intriguing.. anybody in japan have access to purchase or price? i'm quite curious
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Looks like it might also clean your teeth and remove wrinkles.
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wow.. so helpful  confused_face.gif... nobody knows eh...



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This is throwing high frequencies into the room for an effect. If you want to play the room, why wear buds? It probably has a good deal of output around 5k which will make everything open up. Just don't plan on having a dog around.


The headphones I saw were a piezo elctric driven heil air motion driver. Uses a simple step up transformer for that particular driver. No bias voltage and nothing to do with electrostatics.

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It seems like it's some sort of special speaker that you're supposed to use in conjunction with headphones to get a more realistic 3d sound. It does seem sort of interesting although I'm sure it'll be a major pain in the ass for anyone not living in Japan to order.

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Wtf seriously?
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You won't be able to hear it well and that is a given if it is 20k in lower frequency response, if it is cheap it might be worth playing around with. But I'm sure if you feel any energy or realness coming into your music that you hadn't heard before. It would just be placebo. Considering it does playback at what it is rated to. Problem is, you'll be lucky to find very much music with notable frequency above 20K.


Just don't go to the park with it or a dog might be willing to bite your leg.

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I saw this ad a while ago and was tempted to comment on it.  I'm thinking it operates on that theory that although we can't hear actual sine waves of the stuff having it there affects the way we hear the frequencies that are audible.  I think proponents of high sample rates (24-bit/192khz, etc.) say this is the reason why those files sound better than standard CD resolution.  Definitely would be an interesting thing to try- especially blind!  biggrin.gif

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Bandwidth isn't why higher rates work. Has more to do with low level stuff(headroom) and timing. Dig distortion increases as level decreases. Actually, word length seems to matter more than sample rate so not so much a bandwidth thing.


Getting harmonic stuff above 20k is debatable but how do you hear anything above 15k with stuff in you ears or from MP3 sources?

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I am amazed with who ever set up that website, not even Google translator could have done that badly. I read through the whole site howling with laughter. 

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bone/skin conducting tweeter?

or may a cheap mini ribbon tweeter add on for headphone?


5800 yen is still ~ 70 dollars



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I'd put my money down on this.  Sounds good to me.biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by goodvibes View Post

It's a modified rodent repellent.biggrin.gif

High frequencies > rodents leave.  Good theory.tongue.gif

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Happy fun time BS.


One thing I enjoy is science.  It is never wrong.  Sound waves are not a foreign science.  What it can and can not do is simple.


Part one is the idea that it serves any real purpose as a sound reproduction device.  We as humans can not hear above 20kHz.  Well children can hear a little higher but not much.  The device as described is outside of the sensitivity range of our ears.  As far as having an audible effect, it is incapable due to it not even operating at a spectrum within our perception.


Part two is a matter of energy.  70dB/1m is crap in terms of sensitivity.  As well, higher frequencies carry less momentum.  The wave lengths are extremely narrow and in terms of force, carry very, very little.  This means they can not penetrate mass well as in your hand over the piece will completely block all sound from it.  This includes the body and skin as in if you have earphones on, it will not reach any part of your hearing organs at all.

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