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47 Laboratory "Model 0147" Headphone Amp

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As a lover of 47 Laboratory, in adoration of their approach to reproducing music and respect for their designs, I was excited to discover their latest offering. Particularly being such a avid fan of headphone listening!


They appear to be venturing into do-it-yourself kits and the "0147" headphone amp will be the first of such an offering. Personally I find this a little ironic, as surely the 47 Lab amplifier "Gaincard" must be one of the most notably and prolifically cloned hi-fi designs in recent years, as well as reincarnated by endless DIY'ers.


Despite investing a great deal of time in my passion of listening to recorded music, my knowledge of electro-mechanical engineering and understanding of audio circuitry is limited at best. I am dearly hoping some of those far better placed and able than myself could vocalise their initial thoughts and reactions to the design and quality of what they see.


I would be facisnated to hear any impressions and most indebt to your wisdom!


Here is a link to the product page. Alternatively a Google translated version.


Many thanks.

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It's difficult to say because the translation is mostly gibberish and they don't provide measurements (noise, thd, etc) but I wouldn't spend 600$ of hard earned cash on that.


From what I understand, it has a gain stage which seems to be a discrete jfet opamp. This is followed by an open-loop buffer. Probably push-pull as they mention complementary transistors. Power supply is minimal, just some caps, no regulation. I see no opamps so there's probably no servo nor offset protection at the output.


If you wanted a discrete amplifier following the overall same philosophy (no global negative feedback, discrete output buffer), I'd rather have a look at the CKIII on amb's website. It fixes the main problem of the 47labs design (power supply, offset zeroing) and will probably cost you a fair bit less (even including case, etc..).

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VERY interesting. My only real experience with 47 Labs was the Shigaraki DAC, and I must say that I've deeply regret selling it for quite a while. I'd like to know if Junji Kimura is still the designer and driving force at 47.

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Originally Posted by pigmode View Post

VERY interesting. My only real experience with 47 Labs was the Shigaraki DAC, and I must say that I've deeply regret selling it for quite a while. I'd like to know if Junji Kimura is still the designer and driving force at 47.

I'm sure he is. Might want to ask Yoshi over at Sakura Systems. I'm sure he can tell you, as well as give you more information on the headphone amp.






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Thanks for the input gentlemen! The more I read and study (however poorly translated using Google!), the more excited I am becoming about this headphone amplifier. As mentioned before, I am in complete affinity with the sound that 47 Laboratory is about and the sounds I've heard. Oh, how I would give anything to have my Shigaraki transport, DAC, Gaincard and Lens in my life again!


Has anyone seen this blog post of someone documenting a 0147 build? It sheds a little more light on the subject (the parts used in the kit, etc). It can be found here, Google translated version here.


The fortunate person to whom the 0147 headphone amp in the blog belongs, has posted their thoughts on the sounds here. Apparently, "very transparent and full of musicality", as I hoped it would be.


Obviously early days on this one... Would still love to hear what people think of what we have to go on, regarding the amps design and quality of parts.


Very good!

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I am now writing my 0147 review. Hope can publish this next week.



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In case you want to know, I translated a bit. It's never been a better time to be an ABC.


好 Raw 但超好聲 .... !



他們用這些工業級的零件,還有名聲不甚佳的 ALPS 藍殼碳膜 VR,甚至還沒有穩壓,聲音卻這麼乾淨透明,真是讓我配服不已。


Very 'raw,' but it sounds superb .... !

The music has a very pure sound to it. It's very transparent, but still sounds musical. (I've heard this phrase many times before, though.)

The sound is very powerful, with quite a bit of a tube flavor.

For them to use these industrial-level parts, as well as a not-so-good ALPS (not sure what '藍殼碳膜 VR' means, but individually the characters are blue-shell-carbon-film), and although there's no stable voltage (I'm guessing they're referring to a premium PSU), yet with such a clean and transparent sound, I can't help but be impressed. (配服 actually means 'look up to' or 'admire', in this case 47 labs, but I substituted 'impressed.')

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If I understand correctly, basically that someone is saying that the amp has good transparency and musicality. It does not have the raw drive of some other solid state design, and actually is reminscient of a good gain card, smooth and natural, and has a trace of the tubey softness and liquidity. It is a elegant sound....


One interesting point is, that someone has his DIY kit assembly done by a Taiwaness DIY expert,and that expert mentioned that the assembly may best not be handled by a layman. I couldn't understand why he is saying this, could be the assembly of this kit is not easy task.

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In general, DIY amps, or full-size ones at least, aren't really suitable projects for amateurs. AMB Labs even states that they're for more experienced builders, which is probably so considering their complexity.

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The 0147 kit is not even for beginner DIYers.


The copper wire is very very thin. The instruction PDF is in Japanese (47 Treasure say they are working on the English version).



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All components are matching.......this may be one of the 47 Lab secret.



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Has anybody heard this amp yet?
Preferably in combination with the HD650.

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A very nice combination, model 0146 + HD650

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A very nice combination, model 0146 + HD650

USB DAC version is available soon.


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Victor, will you be selling assembled versions?

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