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Recommend me some good headphones?

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Hi, you may know me as the guy who comes on the forums once each month, pokes around, asks about headphones knowing nothing about anything and then leaves, only to repeat.


Well here I go again, looking for headphones. But this time I know a bit more.


Im looking for some portable headphones. When I say portable, I mean small, not folding up. (Think the Sennheiser HD218-238). I would also prefer a single sided cable that is under 1.5 meters long. They must be very comfortable for someone with glasses and preferably have padding on the headband as well. I would use these in public so closed headphones please. Also, they cant be ugly (well, now Im just being picky). But here's the killer, for under $80.


Now for sound, I like everything to be crisp and clear. I don't have an amp nor do I intend on purchasing one. These will be used with my iPod and my laptop. I like some bass too and I like to "feel" it if that makes sense. When a bass drum kicks, I would like to feel it. I mostly listen to Alternative, Jazz, and Hip-hop/Rap.


I've been looking at the Sennheiser HD 228's as they have everything I prefer, but there are a lot of mixed reviews around here. Some say that the bass is too much, some say that its not "explosive" like the packaging says, and some say its just plain...bleh.


Another headphone I found that I liked was the Senn PX200II's but again, complaints about sound. Im no audiophile btw, but I heard the Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones at the apple store and would like something similar to them, they sounded amazing. The Dr Dre Beats, not so much. They were comfortable and had the features I want, but seemed a bit to bass-oriented if that makes sense.


Or should I just get the HD 238s. They have nothing but good reviews, and I like talking to my friends on the bus while I listen to music too...


Is there anything that you can recommend me or should I just go to Apple or Best Buy where I can try them out first? But I doubt Apple has headphones under $80.


Also, do you recommend the SendStation PocketDock Line Out Mini USB for improved quality? If anything, it makes one less wire I need to have with me.




EDIT: I would really appreciate a reply. As I made some threads earlier that seemed to go un-noticed. I know Im not a audiphile and know nothing about headphones, but I would still like to feel welcome here.

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You could check out the Denon DN-HP500 review I just did a little while ago and see if those suit your needs.  I also posted a link to a more nuanced review from another member of these forums who can actually speak to their sound quality.  ~70 at Amazon atm.

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I know you're looking for over the ear headphones, but would you be open to some in-ear headphones? I ask because I have some Denon AH-C 560R in-ear headphones that are really amazing for the price. You can pick them up at Magnolia in Best Buy, or online, for about $100 (I know thats more than $80, but I think they're worth the extra $20). Plus, Best Buy has a 30-day return policy; if you don't like them, just take them back and exchange them. Anyway, not only are the memory foam ear-pieces extremely comfortable, but they block out most outside noise. I would describe their sound as pretty balanced, as you can really feel the bass (something the Bose IE2s lack, imo), but not so much so that the mids and highs are masked (in fact the highs tend to sparkle...in a good way). Obviously you'll have a cable going to each ear, but they're not really that cumbersome. Finally, they come with a nice little carrying case, so you can keep them safe if you need to put them in your coat or backpack. On another note, my mother has the Sennheiser 228s, and for my money I would go with the Denons. I didn't expect a whole lot out of them, but they have really surprised me, and I use them almost every day while I'm working. Again, I know this is not exactly what you said you were looking for, but I thought I might make the suggestion anyway. 

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How about the Philips The Stretch?


$50 on Amazon. There is also an Apple remote version, but only sold at the apple online store only. Black and White versions available.


Very comfortable. Laidback relaxed sound. Easy to mod (thinking about playing with demping on mine). Isolated you very well from surrounding, only surrounding can hear a little music if there standing next to you (also a reason to experiment with demping).


the stretch

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