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For Sale: Vintage DT990@600Ohm

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For Sale:
Vintage DT990@600Ohm

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am offering my Beyerdynamics DT 990 with 600 Ohm impedance. The facts are:


New and replaced:


- Cable -- Mogami W2534

- Plug -- Canare F-16

- Earpads + Foam -- Beyerdynamic

- Headband -- DIY

- Strain relief -- Beyerdynamic




- Earcups are taped because of a crack at the strain relief

- Coil wire directly soldered at one side because of a defect


Working condition:


- Flawless


Optional accessoires:


- Original headband

- Original coiled cable




- Depends on the price, either ca. 34 Euro or 16 Euro outside Europe

- Shipping within Europe prefered




- Whatever your heart is willing to pay (Orientation: I have paid Euro 80 incl replacements.)




- They are too good to look out of the window..



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For Sale: $190 (USD)
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The earpads, are those the DT770 ones, or the DT880/990?

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DT 880/990

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Sale pending!!

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