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I was trying out cans at BB the other day. I had my Turbines on OTW over there. As soon as I dropped a can on my head...any Can they was immediately noticeable that the soundstage was much broader. Cheap Philips, Klipsch One's, Aviator's, the illustrious Beats Pro (, they all had a bigger sense of spacial airy room that I really like. Much more so than my Turbines, MD Trib's, S4's, Remix's, Bass Freq's...and any other universal I've tried.


I also agree that it has alot to do with the track playing. I was listening to a song by Galactic off a live album...may have been Moog Marmalade, I don't quite recall. I remember feeling as if I could close my eyes and see the musicians sitting around me, placed here and there. So yeah, the transducer all have a part in the illusion, I suppose.