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For Sale: HiFi Man RE-262 like new For SALE!

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For Sale:
HiFi Man RE-262 like new For SALE!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I got this iem from another forum member who had it for about a week.  I am looking to sell these and have been in my possession for about  a week also, so these are literally brand new. I am looking to selling so I can try another set.  The best way for me to find out what sound I prefer is to listen to these phones myself.


Comes with RE-262 with all associated accessories,  tips and extra screen filters.  There is no box as that is how head direct sells these things from what I have been told.


Asking $140 shipped in USA and no paypal fees.


Thanks for looking

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Wendell what is your email, I have reached the silly daily limits of 2 pm's. 



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My email is 

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