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Hi, I read the thread below regarding Justin from HeadAmp and thought I would give details of my order.


I placed an order for a Purple pico SLIM portable amp and the Micro-B USB cable on 12 January 2011 and made the payment via PayPal. According to the ordering page the delivery time was stated as 4 weeks but it is now over 11 weeks since the order was made.


I have sent Justin emails, left a message on his answering machine and PM'd him via this site but have never received a single reply. I realise his operation is small and a labour of love on his side but it would be nice to get some kind of reply back so that I know my order is in his queue somewhere.


I had placed my order based on feedback from the members of Head-Fi and am not worried about being fleeced but am desperate to know when I can expect my unit. I have had my new headphones and a LOD from Craig Sanborn ready since January waiting to plug them into the pico SLIM.


Has anybody else placed an order for a purple unit since January and received it yet?


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Don't worry about Justin.  I have ordered the Aristaeus for almost 6 months and recently I have ordered the BHSE

from him.  He rarely answered our emails.   However I heard that he always does perfect job for the amplifier.

I won't try to distract him because his life deals with high voltage which can be very dangerous

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Ok thanks very much.


I'd still like to know if there is anybody out there who ordered a purple pico SLIM since January 12 and received it yet???

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