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A Couple questions about tube amps / HiFiMan EF2

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Hey everyone, I've recently upgraded from a nuforce portable amp/dac to the HiFiMan EF2 and I must say the difference is astounding. Listening to these with my grado sr60i is an absolutely amazing experience for now I am in audio bliss once again smily_headphones1.gif

About my question though, I bought this amp slightly used and it didn't come with a manual. I've been reading around the forums and such for how to care for tube amps and have stumbled on a lot of different ideas.

I was just wondering if someone could clear up how I should properly turn off and turn on this device. Right now this has been my routine:

Please note the HiFiMan EF2A does not have an off switch, the power switch seems to put it in a standbye mode.

Turn on:
- My volume port should be all the way down, I switch the power switch up taking it off standbye, and after a few minutes gradually raise the volume pot.

Turn off:
- I turn the volume all the way down and switch the power off which puts it in standbye.

My question is, is this an OK method? Would defintely appreciate any reasoning behind why to do other things.

And to close, Heres my eyecandy, very please with this setup very excited!!!!


Also as a final note: before buying this amp i heard some complaints of it being crazy loud and not being able to push it past 1/4 of the volume pot, I find this NOT to be the case, I run these with my grado sr60i's at usually around 1/2 the volume pot at a very comfortable listening level and grado's are low impedence so i'm sure other phones have even more freedom.
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You won't help or hurt the tubes doing what you suggest.  However, some circuits aren't designed to gracefully turn on and off, and can throw out transients or oscillations during power up or down.  I don't know if this is the case with this amp, but you might be protecting your SR-60s doing this, depending on where the volume control is in the circuit.  But nothing you suggest will affect the tube life, and fairly likely it's not going to help or hurt your phones either. 

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