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Grado 60's 80's vs Philips HP890

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Hell all just wondering...I posted a thread about what headphones are good for all around listening...I got basicially grado's 80 and someone told me philips hp890 are good headphones...which would sound better for classical,rock, and rock and r&b
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arrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!! its grado!!!! not grando!!! (im not being mean, just had to get that out of my system
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LOL sorry about that I forget
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I went with the Grado SR80's, which I enjoy more each time I listen to them. I bought the 80's because I was very impressed with them- and it was the best grado my dealer had in stock at the time. Now I'm thinking I'll put the xtra $$ I would have spent into a good headphone amp. I would try on some Grados before buying, however, as some on this forum seem to find them uncomfortable to wear. I've worn mine 2hrs+ and find them about as comfortable as any other cans- and better than alot of them.
After reading Jan's earlier thread mentioning the Philips 890's (and those wonderful pictures!), I am interesting in trying them. Unfortunately, I cannot find any source in the US- and the Philips corporate website does not list this product in its US product line. Too new, perhaps? I will keep looking.

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philips 890

Check meier audio's web site he has them for 100.00 shipped to the states .
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grrrr... hmm now another choice to make sr80's or hp890's grrr why why why

i really like the look of both phones(yes i like the retro look of the 80's and those philips look sleek) and debating now if i should just get the sr80's or maybe pitch in some more money and get the hp890's plus a potra corda amp
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IMO Grado's don't look too bad especially in pictures. Keep in mind however that Jan has commented on build between both headphones.

So even if both phones *look* good to you based on pictures...I wouldn't be suprised that in person the Philips look better. Jan has probably already given his impressions between fit and finish of both phones...but you can e-mail him for more.
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really wish i could demo those cans
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Hehe. Keep in mind of the weigh of the HP 890. They're big mofos.

One of hte reasons why I purchased the 910 over the 890. Plus I hear they have a tighter bass.
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Originally posted by jodokast
Hehe. Keep in mind of the weigh of the HP 890. They're big mofos.

One of hte reasons why I purchased the 910 over the 890. Plus I hear they have a tighter bass.

Heavy? eh?
They way 30-40g. less than the 910... I truly hope that wasn't the deciding factor for you.

I find them very comfortable and these are my first large cans...
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Please give us your thoughts on the sound of these 890's. I'm trying to collect as many opinions as possible since I cannot audition them in the US.

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My Philips HP890s should be less than a week away from arriving. I don't think I'm experienced enough to judge the finer points of the sonic spectrum, but I'll be whipping out my friend's digital camera and posting lots of pictures, for what it's worth.
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I've just ordered up a pair of HP890's, should get them early next week.
As someone mentioned in another thread, here is Australia you can buy them for around US$60 (I actually paid US$61 - recommended retail is about US$76).

For comparison the Grado SR80 lists for US$132 in Aust.
So here the choice is simple.
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grados are really nice cans. i really enjoy the clarity of the high end like cymbals, which sound exactly like how you would hear them live, with no hiss.

many also complain about the tight vice like grip of the cans. I dont agree. with some slight bending of the band and after some wear it fits comfortably. ive had my 60's for a month now and i can wear them for 3+ hours.

another complaint about grados is that the cord gets all tangled. i have never had mine tangled. i think ppl get it tangled because they are lazy and throw their headphones on and off without care.
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Well, for what it is worth, I have the Grado SR-60s and some Sennheiser HD600s (Which are somewhat similar to the Phillips HP890s). The Grados have the comfy pads.

Comfort wise, my Grados came pre-bent, and once I figured out how to adjust the damn things they have been fairly comfy. They feel a bit rough compared to the velvet HD600s, but are still reasonably comfortable on my smallish head.

The HD600s are quite a leap over the SR-60s in sound quality, but to someone who isn't used to listening to headphones, the difference probably won't be all that huge. The SR-60s are for the most part less pleasing to me, although they do have a couple charecteristics I like, a lot. I really like the bass the SR-60s have. While some might call it light, I think it is very tight, and it still has a good bit of an impact too, whereas the HD600s have a more full bodied, natural sound, they lack some of the spunk of the SR-60s.

So, while I like my HD600s more then the first impressions of my SR-60s, which is to be expected, I have been pleasantly surprised by the sound of the SR-60. They are somewhat bright to me with the comfy pads, might be fautiging over longer periods but for shorter times I haven't had any problems at all.

If the HP890s sound like I think they sound, I would take em over the SR-60s, and probably over the SR-80s, which people say are brighter then the 60s. I might try some bowl pads on these at some point, but not for now, and I have a nagging feeling I would like the comfies more.
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