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I play tennis. I have a lot of friends that play lacrosse, track, baseball, etc and they are always discussing their new gear for their sport. What gear do you use for your sport?


I use:

Babolat Pure Drive GT x3


Babolat Pro Hurricane tour 16g @59lbs, considering a drop to 55 because everyone with poly's uses lower tensions now, so I may try it out.

Grip: Babolat Syntec Black


Note: I need another racquet, I break strings too often, going for a limited edition red version of the best racquet ever!




(I'm a Babolat man)


Other racquets (Will sell :D)

Prince O3 Tour 95sq inch head x3

Prince Triple Threat Warrior 97sq inch head x3


I currently wear Air Zoom Vapor VI's and a Rafa hat.






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I used to play lots of tennis, but stopped about 2 years ago. My Wilson K90 is still sitting in my closet. It's also a terrible racquet for trying to get back into tennis.


Now, I do long distance running. All I need are my running shoes (Puma YugoRun), a box of Cliffbars, and a box of GU energy gels and I'm set.

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It's that small headsize... I should start running. Lot's of my friends do it all the time. I run at tennis practices but that's it. It's so cheap to run though! As opposed to strings and balls for tennis...
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