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Curry with rice is delicious

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Had curry the other day at a Japanese restaurant and it was delicious. Curry has this amazing flavor that is hard to describe. It's kind of like a spicy gravy and goes well with rice. Anyone a fan of curry?



You can buy it at some stores and it may come in a solid or powder form.








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It is not often I use wikipedia as a source but in this case here is a decent primer on curry,...




I love Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Thai curries - Chinese less so and never had a Japanese curry, I once had Curried goat at the Notting Hill Carnival


My Wife and I once took a 500 mile round trip to get a nice curry...


It was a really nice curry

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One of my favorite dishes is Chicken Divan.  A little curry goes a long way so I always add less.

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I love Japanese curry. I have bought it in the "just add your own fillers" form before. It looks and feels like chocolate fudge, but the smell is definitely not dessert-ish lol.


If I have to go instant, I use the Japanese brand, S&B.  http://www.sb-worldwide.com/products/curry.html

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If it doesn't burn going and the same going out, it's not strong enough.

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I had some home-made Thai green chicken curry with rice the other day. Yes it was delicious. 


And like wink I like it hot. Yum.


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Curry Chicken with rice is truly amazing. Curry just adds that extra zing. But don't forget to chew some gum after lol

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Strangely, curry is something I've never acquired a taste for. Maybe it's because I had very little growing up.

If I want spicy, I lean strongly towards Mexican food. Jalapeños are delicious.
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Japanese curry is nice in its own way, thick and creamy  without being too spicy compared to indian curry


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I make this stuff on a weekly basis. I make it using chicken, and chicken broth instead of water. Included veggies are carrots, onions, potatoes, and green bell pepper (capsicum).

I cook chicken (1lb, cubed) with onion (1, large dice), salt, and pepper (to taste, aprx 1 tsp each). Then I add all the veggies (1 carrot, 1 pepper, equal amount of potatoes as chicken) and chicken broth (1 can), then add water until the potatoes are covered nicely and boil for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I put the rice on (2cups w/ 3cups water or equivalent) (sticky rice is the only way to go on this, IMO). After potatoes are boiled, I put chunks of the bullion curry cubes until it reaches the desired consistency and serve with rice. Sometimes I add a splash of milk to add some richness, and I almost always put a splash of soy sauce to add color and saltiness. I like to compact as much rice as I can into half of a bowl and fill the other half of the bowl with curry. Obviously during the chicken cooking process, you can add whatever spices you choose to flavor the chicken pieces.
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Tried but wasn't particularity impressed by the "powdered" curry flavor of the japanese curry. I've had Thai/indian style curries hundreds of times though, and currently work at a place where we make our own thai-style curry pastes from fresh ingredients. Needless to say the ready-made pastes don't stand a chance.


There should be a distinction made though between the differences of curries and their flavors. Indian style curries use turmeric, cumin and coriander (seeds?) whilst thai style curries use less cumin and coriander root, although this also varies on location. Japanese curries are based purely on the turmeric, cumin and coriander seed-flavored commercial "curry powder".



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Originally Posted by Ttvetjanu View Post

Needless to say the ready-made pastes don't stand a chance.

That pretty much goes for anything "instant" or ready-made, not just curry pastes. rolleyes.gif

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Curry with prawns and rice is absolutely delicious.

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