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For Sale: FS: Shure SRH750DJ

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For Sale:
FS: Shure SRH750DJ

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is a recently-acquired set of Shure SRH750DJs. In my opinion Shure made a terrible design error when they decided to make the headband all plastic. It's nice strong solid plastic, but plastic also means that the headband can't be bent, and thus isn't suitable for people with enormous heads like me. It's too bad, because the SRH750DJ sounds great, bettering both the M50 and the DT770/80. If I could wear it comfortably it would be my closed semi-portable can of choice.


The box is not included, but all accessories are - the 1/8->1/4" adapter, a carry pouch, and an extra set of earpads.


Looking to get back $traded and PayPal fees (I also take Amazon payment, for no fees!). International is okay, but I will only ship USPS Priority International, but as long as you can cover the cost, there's no problem. If you have any questions or are interested, send me a PM! Thanks!

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interested in trade?

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how solid would you say the plastic is on the 750's? i just bought the m50's over the 750's because the plastic design of the 750's looked really fragile. i'm considering trading my m50's for the 750's because of the detachable cable and extra ear cups. 

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