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Denon AH-D1001 dead, would like slight upgrade..open to suggestions.

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My Denon AH-D1001 phones just bit the dust and I am now looking for a new set of headphones $150 tops.  I have been reading up here on the forum on some headphones and looking around the web at prices, trying to get a best bang for the buck idea.  The problem I'm facing is that I can't tell how these headphones people review are going to sound to me by just reading the review.  I'm hoping someone can chime in that has listened to the Denon 1001s and can offer some advice as to which is the best upgrade option for what I like.  The phones I'm looking at now are the Sennheiser HD-280, Ultrasone HFI-580, Creative Aurvana Live! (same as Denon AH-D1001), and the  Superlux 668B.  What I want to get out of these new headphones is a little more bass, but not to lose the high/mid response that I had with the Denons.  These Denon's were the first real set of headphones that I had....coming from $20 Sony earbuds before that so the difference in sound quality to me was huge and very noticeable.  So trying to guess what these other headphones sound like is rather difficult without someone to aid me.  Any suggestions on those that I listed given what I'm looking for?  Or is there a better option out there that I haven't come across yet?

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They still sell the Creative Aurvana Live on Amazon.

Nice price.

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I'll tell you right now the HD280 are not an upgrade. If you liked the D1001 why not buy them again? Or perhaps look at the higher end Denons?

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Yeah, I know the CALs are a bit old, but it's nice they're still around.  Thanks for the info, I'll scratch them off my list haha...I did like the 1001s but if there's something out there in the $150 range that sounds better, I was hoping to grab it.  If not, I can always settle back on the CAL.  I believe the higher end Denons go way over $150 in price.  The 2000s are around $300-$350 right?  That's a bit beyond what I was expecting to shell out....I do enjoy clean and crisp sound but not that much lol.  The 1001s are a $150 MSRP and you can find them around that price online...the next step up looks to be $299, then come the 2000s at $350 MSRP.  I'd really like to keep it around $150. Edit: Okay, looks like they have the 1100s now, which seem to have replaced the 1001. I think I might grab those, unless the Ultrasone or the Superlux would be a better buy?


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yeah the CAL is a good price at $70.  If you love your Denon 1001, then get the CAL!  I think they usually go for $100.  (I live in UK so not sure how your discount works.)


I would also say the 280 isn't an upgrade.


If you want more bass then Ultrasone HFI 580 / DJ1 is or the Audio Technica M50.

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The D1100 are said to have more bass, so take that as you will. If you have patience you could try these: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/545368/review-fischer-audio-fa-011-off-the-deep-end


The review makes them sound wonderful and they are $118, once they are released.

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I wish I did have enough patience.  I hate earbuds and that's what I'm using right now as a backup haha.  The Denon AH-D1100s should arrive...well by week's end hopefully. :)


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