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I had the HFi-2400. I don't tend to post negative reviews. But I did not like them. They were exceedingly unnatural to my ears (whatever voodoo S-Logic is, I don't like it). 


If you can audition a few of these headphones, that may help you make your decision. None of these headphones are deficient in any way, but they are all different, and personal preference is widely varied. I tend to like very neutral, precise headphones - which, if weighted anywhere would be towards the mids. I don't game, I don't watch movies - so keep those factors in mind.

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Originally Posted by korky View Post

I'm trying to find out just how light the bass is on the q701s (main concern is that its so light that the explosions just feel fake to me).


I doubt you will find this to be the case ^


But your best bet is to try them yourself. 

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On my rig with Audioengine D1 (DAC) and Matrix Mstage (AMP) the MASSEFFECT3 sounds awesome through Q701s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi guys


i have a question to ask

is there any one anyone here who listened to classical with this headphone and found them bad?

i really love the looks ot his pair and since they are just $232, i think the would my a great choice for some on like me (new to audiophile world and a total newble AND short on the terms of budget)

and are they really $479.99 (as amazon mentioned?)


beacause if thats real and now the can be bought for half of original price, i won't miss the chance


thanks in advance

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Hi, I'm far from being an expert, but I listen to classical with mine and like them a lot.   If I want to listen in a portable mode (iPhone) I use the FIIO E11 Portable headphone amp, which I also got from Amazon, and that makes a nice add-on in terms of audio quality.  I rip using XLD ripper to Apple Lossless files.  On my home system I listen to both classical CDs and classical vinyl and sounds very nice with my AKG Q701's.   Now, bear in mind I didn't do any listening comparisons..... I purchased based on price and what I had read about these headphones figuring I could return them to Amazon if I didn't like them. I did let them burn-in for many hours (repeat play for hours at night while asleep).  I too am on a tight budget and as I said, no expert, but I like mine.  Are their better options?  I'm sure experts here will have their opinions and I respect all opinions..... I'm just happy for what I have for now.  Good luck Straife!

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thanks for the great and fast reply


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i have the hd 595's right now and i was looking ot get a new pair. i was looking at the 595, akg q701 or the akg 701 any suggestions? 

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Haven't finished reading this thread, but thought I'd throw in my $0.02.


I got the funky fresh white Q701s last Thursday. Did a quick check to see how they sounded, making sure they weren't unbalanced or anything. Only listened to a couple songs, once direct from an M-Audio Revo 5.1's HP Out, and again through a JDS Labs C5 amp. Highs were a bit much, low-end about what I expected. Then I started burning them in, rotating through a mixed playlist for 8-12 hours, then a couple three off, then back on. That's been going on until about noon today, so a bit over 100 hours.


For the moment I'm using the included 10' green cable. Never gonna trip over that in the dark wink.gif  The C5 set on low gain is plenty to drive them. Playback noted below is using AIMP3 (latest build) set to WASAPI Exclusive and FLACs.


My first real session with them is using a laptop (RealTek ALC269's HP Out; all Sound Effects off, of course) to the C5 via a 12' Media Bridge cable, playing the latest album by The Bevis Frond (2013's "White Numbers"; check it out at Bandcamp or wherever; good stuff). Being a guitar-driven band of psychedelic Brit pop, I figured it'd be a good test to see how the sound had shaped up, or out, if you prefer. The highs are still there, and while prominent, I'm not fatigued after 80+ minutes. It's low-end that got my attention, not to mention the sound stage. To my ears, the basslines are beautiful. I tried some minor EQing at various bands (87, 125, 175, 250, in various combinations), but it wasn't needed. Acoustic guitars are simply gorgeous, as are the few piano parts.


Then, to change it up, I put on track 1 from Hugh Laurie's Let Them Talk ("St. James Infirmary"). Wow. All the raw emotion pours straight through. Instrument separation is excellent. Subtleties like the guitarist getting ready to join in while Hugh's finishing up the piano intro accentuate the detail the Q701s can deliver. And the stand-up bass that kicks off the song proper after the dramatic intro... perfection. And finally, Hugh's vocals cut straight to the center of your skull, the band spread out around him. Even my wife noted all this. She was amazed, even if a total head-fi neophyte.


There's definitely an airy quality about them, but without sacrificing any impact. So glad I got these. Not sure I'll keep burning them in. I guess plenty of play time will accomplish that. I'm also interested to compare them to my AKG K550s, admittedly a different design, for various types of music. Lastly, I ordered a custom cable from Redco using Mogami W2893 mini-quad and Redco connectors (mini-TRS and 3.5mm). Wanted something shorter. Redco is pleasure to deal with.


Back to the tuneage  k701smile.gif

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Originally Posted by jaymoney View Post

i have the hd 595's right now and i was looking ot get a new pair. i was looking at the 595, akg q701 or the akg 701 any suggestions? 

If you want to go for AKG i suggest Q701 because it can recable and more warmer sound than K701.

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I heard the Q701 for the first time today (also HD800, LCD3 and Abyss!)


Let's just say first that the Abyss is just ... brilliant.


With that out of the way, the Q701 has a touch of greatness for not a lot of money. I think they're a total bargain.

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I'm really really really tempted to buy these cans. The lime colored version.


My current main headphones are K601 and I've been very happy with them for years and I'm currently driving them with FiiO E07k/E09k combo.


The question is this: is it worth to spend 245€ (that's $330) to these cans considering my current cans and amp? Is the input-output ratio worth the money? Objectively speaking of course :D

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What's the general consensus on the green version? Does it make them look cheap? I'd never be leaving the house with them anyway but they're going for such a good price right now and particularly the green version.
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They sound exactly the same :)  If you're never leaving the house then it only depends on how many pics you plan to post on head-fi.  I have a pair in green that my wife bought me a couple years ago.  I kind of like them because there's no confusing them with K701s or 702s at all

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Good advice mate, thanks. I've already pulled the trigger on the black version though. My wife says I don't suit green. They should be here tomorrow so maybe by my birthday they'll be burned in.
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The "Leather Clad" Q701


Sounds good and is very comfy.

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