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Sennheiser or Grado for vintage Marantz amp

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Hey all, new to headphones and trying to find a good headphone for the $200-$300 range--can be used, so like a Grado 225i new 325i used or Sennheiser HD595 or HD600.  Just started my research. 


Listed to mostly rock which I understand is Grado's territory.  Some jazz and a lot of acoustic stuff.  And a lot of rap, but I hate boomy bass, its gotta be tight and not too overpowering.  Also, they're pretty much going to stay in my basement.  A lot of vinyl and mp3's and apple lossless over airtunes through a v-dac into a Marantz 2240.


I also have some Grado 60's which sound pretty good and using with that Marantz amp. 


The amp I have is a vintage Marantz 2240 in great condition.  I understand this makes for an excellent headphone amp as it uses the amp circuitry to drive the headphones.  Someone in a previous thread mentioned that its a great pair with the higher impedance Sennheisers.


I love the way the Grado's look over the Sennheiser's and was leaning toward the 225i/325i.  Then I started looking at what is better with the amp and saw the comment above about the Sennheisers and it kind of threw me off.



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That's alway's the problem cause it will drive You nut's, The Grado 325i's or the senn's You mentioned would do You fine. The Grad's do become tiresome on the ear's on prolonged use, the Senn's are nice. You could also look at the Fischer Audio FA 003's,also look at AKG's and Shure and do Your homework on what's going to suit You! Check out the Head Gear site and do Your cross reference's there and review's. Take Your Time.  atsmile.gif

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X2 on the Grado 325i's. They have a lot of versatility, and could handle the musical genres you like. 


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I know there's a lot of grado v. sennheiser threads out there.  I guess my question is more centered around the amp.  Anyone running these or any other cans directly through a vintage Marantz like the 2240?  Low Impedance v/ high?

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No need to worry about your amp, most vintage amps (old receivers also) have enough power to drive headphones properly. 

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IMO, It's not a question of power, its a question of synergy.


My recabled Senn 650's sound very good from my Lyr, pretty good from my Marantz 2226B (26 watts), and slightly less so from my Marantz 2216B (16 watts) both from the late 1970's.


Conversely, my K702s sound FREAKIN AWESOME from either Marantz, very VERY good from the Lyr, but only average from my 1977 Kenwood KR4070. The Kenwood has more wattage (40 watts) but the synergy isn't there. Kenwood sounds darker than the Marantz house sound to my ears.


Let me put this another way. I plan to add either a HE-500 or LCD-2 this summer...and I HOPE those headphones will best my Marantz/K702s.


ps...can't help you on the Grados. My brother "borrowed" my 225s two years ago and I haven't seen them since. rolleyes.gif

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Grados (including the 325) are easy to drive--much easier than the HD 600.

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Nice necro guys. biggrin.gif

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I will vouch for Grado's (sr60) and AKG sextetts sounding absolutely beautiful out of my marantz 2245. Both have great synergy with the mid range marantz.
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All i know is my Grado SR80i,and my Marantz 2220B,sound very good together

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