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Originally Posted by Boochie View Post

Just placed my order for a pair of HD681s.  $24.99 on eBay, shipped (with my $5.00 off coupon from eBay).  Hope they are as good as everyone says.


Also watching a auction for a pair of HD668Bs.  May pull the trigger on them this weekend too.

My HD 681s arrived in the mail today.  Cheesy packaging (shrink wrap) but I can't believe what I am listening to !!!!!! 


Really?  I only paid $25 for these cans?  I can't believe I only paid $25 for these headphones !!  Very pleased with the SQ.


Sorry for bumping my own post but if you have been hesitate about buying a set of these headphones, you really should go ahead and pull the trigger before everyone realizes what a fantastic bargain these guys are and the price starts to go up.

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...and they become totally different beast (lot better) when hardware filter is applied ;)

Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

Looooooong thread (mk2 mod mainly): http://rockgrotto.proboards.com/thread/4769 

mk3 mod: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?pdkiijey07v9ai4

pads tests for hd-681 measured: http://www.mediafire.com/view/koa39yf38n9p13h/HD681_pad_measurements.pdf

links taken from diyaudioheaven blog site.


Edit: Just finished another filter box for my friend HD-681 red:


Picture (Click to show)


Just finished another wooden filter box (mkII):

 HD-681 mk2 filter box, Oak.


I hope user Foscot will be happy with it :)



With filter + custom angled pads + custom recabling these cans sound amazing! I actually prefer my modded HD-681 over Fidelio X1`s when I want to listen analytically. HD-681 has great wide imaging and separation but lacks little in depth towards front. Luckily, Aune T1 with different tubes makes it better. Some say that HD-681B version has better depth towards front but I have no real experience (yet) to confirm it. When tube rolling is out of option, I actually find my modified HD-681 better for rock/metal/progressive genres than X1.

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Do people sell those external filters, how much would one cost?

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For this last one on pic (mk2 filter), parts alone (with quality interconnects) cost me about ~13.5€


4x ceramic caps (1.04€) + 4x inductor axial (1.08€) = 8.48€ 

1x Lumberg 3.5" jack = 2.5€

1x Lumberg 3.5" panel socket = 1.8€ 

2x 39Ohm resistor = 0.1€

2x 56Ohm resistor = 0.1€

piece of cable = ~0.5€ (depends on lentgh)


+ other materials for making wooden filter box:


soldering materials 




sanding stuff

time & energy ;)

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How are these compared to the 668B?

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Without filter HD-681 red has too bright and spiky highs for many (also hides mids behind it and bass is too prominent). With filter most think (from what I have read) they are better than 668B.

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I did a word search on this thread and came up with zero hits.  Can someone compare the Superluxes to Monoprice 8323 or Fischer FA-004, Incipio F38, Brainwavz HM3?  Mainly in soundstage and detail/clarity.  The main interest is the 681, but the others including the EVO, 668b, and 661 closed are also possibilities.  


Also, just how leaky are the semi-open ones anyway?  I've read "at moderate levels you can use them in a library" to "I can hear them in another room 40 feet away."

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My headphones + mic mod and impedance reducer pastille box. 28,7 ohm resistor (600mw power handling). Musiland 03 Dragon DAC. I have also damper modded headphones. Cotton wool pad inside the cups to make bass more snappier and one cotton wool pad at front plus three layers active carbon filter paper to reduce treble.




Brunhild protector (actually it's just seven gram balancer).Swiss franc coin.



1€ mic from ebay

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What are the grey sock looking things on the 668B's?

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Just bought my second pair of Samson SR850. These ones have the velour ear pads!!

sent from my phone
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Just bought my second pair of Samson SR850. These ones have the velour ear pads!!ranahynu.jpg

sent from my phone
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Just picked up a pair of AKG 240S headphones on ebay for $50.  Received them today.  I was interested in knowing how these compare to my HD 681s. 


In case anyone is interested..............Build quality, sound quality, fit and finish is very similar to the HD681s.  Someone said they thought that Superlux was a contract manufacture of AKG and that the HD681 was simply a copy of the K240s.  If that statement is not true, then my eyes and ears are deceived.  The two are near identical copies of each.  Only real differences, to me, is cosmetic.

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I'm looking for a pair of Superlux headphones for "studio" purposes. I've been thinking about HD660, 662F and 668F. Right now I own a pair of 668b and I'm very pleased with them but I want something more "realistic" in the low and low mid frequencies. When I first started tu use this headphones I used to crank the bass and low mid in guitars because it felt like there still was space for those frequencies. When I later listened it on studio monitors or normal hifi there clearly was too much of those frequencies and everything was muddy. Can anyone recommend me something? Any info welcomed.

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For studio monitoring You would want actually opposite - flat and neutral sounding as possible. For that, HD662F is great, especially with filter mod to kill harsh highs peak(s).

What You are describing is opposite and sounds like fun-sounding littlebit bass emphasized cans. For that, HD681 or HD662B/HD662 should be better.

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Originally Posted by Miiksu View Post

1€ mic from ebay

Can you elaborate a bit more about the mic? I'm looking to do something similar.
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