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It may be - and this is my speculation - that the 681 Classic Dark Red Ring is out of production. I cannot find a pair here in China. Everyone tries to switch me to the 681b, one that I already own.

If that is the case those of you downstream in the supply chain should snap up a pair as these may be going away.

Then again, I could be wrong.
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I ordered about 1 month ago from thomann another pair of HD-681 red and they are old version. Atm they are in stock for ~19€.

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Received my 662b today.

First impressions are they are smooth, a bit more refined than the 681/668. Smaller closer sound-stage and presentation.

They still have the SuperLux Sibilance. They have the other SL sound qualities in spades.

Burning in now, other SL cans took 100 hours or greater to settle in and I expect the same with this one.
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Recommend to do filter mod for sibilance. Note - it`s littlebit different mod than HD-681 but it turns those cans into new species! ;P

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I am doing MKIII filter to my 681 red, but I can't find any PDF with schematic to 662. I have F version.

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There isn`t any specific schematic for HD-662 but it uses same schematic as HD-681 mkII and you can read about it from rg forum. I posted info about filter values few pages back.

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Ok, I see.


I am wondering if I customize EQ in my FiiO E07K will the result similar to filter?


The E07K has +10/-10dB bass and trebles (in 2dB step). The MKIII filter cuts -5dB bass and -10dB trebles, so in FiiO it will be -10 treble and -4 bass. Or the filter is better option? I am 100% sure I will do a filter to 662F, because of using them in DAP, but in 681?


So the E07K EQ = filter or not? :)

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Filter is better option because it applies mostly only to specific Hz area, with HD-662F filter it was around 6,2KHz if I remember correctly. Also, filter is good for using other sources, you don`t have to mess with EQ every time. But it`s just my personal preference.

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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

Recommend to do filter mod for sibilance. Note - it`s littlebit different mod than HD-681 but it turns those cans into new species!

Sibilance does not bother me...much. I may want to whip up the mod just to compare.

I don't like doing mods for the simple reason that I have clumsy fingers that cannot do fine work. Struggled with replacing my 668b pads for 30 minutes yesterday. Not my idea of a good time.

In theory getting some nice cable and hard-wiring them into the provided entry holes in all SL cans would be great, but in practice I would not be able to do it without bricking the drivers.
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Hi to all, man just turning 53 on the 14th with a one year old music man Elijah, trust me i be rocking touring the world with this one while am 70 and an insanely smart kindergardener Noah, i have not had time to finish the wiring of the control room, or do any posting or reading of the forums, but wanted to add my inebriated 2 cents, the new HD681 EVO is just fantastic after about 8 hours of burn in, at first i thought OMG it a bit murky, but after waking up the drivers ... it is a suburb listening headphone, mind you it is well worth the few extra 5 or 10 bucks, and with the free velours... it is a no brainer.  much smother and bass enhanced then the original ... a smooth drink not like Guzzlers GIn... but warm produced and polished, vs the 681, that is Raw and extended, we have had some great engineers just be amazed by the new semi open EVO, ( where the H*l* is the 662 closed, they say it is waiting on production ) did hear some great reviews on the 662 prototype at NAMM... anywho the original 681 can be smoothed by thicker foam inserts and thicker pads... it will change the soundstage...  and the HD-660 is a fantastic tracking alongside the 662F headphone in the studio, but the HD-660 is a suburb monitor and mixing headphone, the HD 330 is more similar in soundstage (unlike other Super-sluts) to the 660, except seems to have more bass-ier sound, i prefer the 660 and the flimsy noisy design of the 330... the 660 blows it down...IMA   


 Now we'z like a # of the Superlux cans because they give me different accurate aspects without spending a fortune... but if you are looking for one smooth ride, whether listing to vinyl or digtial fart noises... the 681 EVO is unbelievable... we have had praise from some suburb engineers. I recommend it for enjoying your favorite music...  oh yea you'll find yourself returning to the EVO late at night.




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CoiL, help :D


It's me again. I got the 662F today and still don't know what mod should I do... MKI, MKII. I will have MKIII in the box to 681 red, but don't know what about 662F.


-10dB at trebles (MKIII) is a huge difference and I am afraid of making 681 something like 330 (I have it and not detailed trebles was the main reason why I bought 681).


MKII - I see there are -10dB too but the bass isn't cutted.

MKI - the schematic doesn't have comparison in frequences. How much trebles are cutted?


I am listening to the music on cold Samsung S8500 Wave with 662F, FiiO E07K with -2dB or -4dB trebles and there isn't so bad with sibilances (and they aren't warmed up yet. But yes, I still hear "sssss". I think the 681 are more aggressive with the trebles than 662F). I like the bass, it's very tight, yes, and there isn't too much of it. I like details.


I am going to buy some warm DAP in the future, but I need to know what mod should I do to my 662F.

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Use MKII schematic and like I told, posted filter values few pages back but ok, will "feed" you lazy ppl ;D 


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Yes, I read it, but my question is about choosing between the MKI and MKII filter. And wondering about concerns of cutting -10dB trebles in MKIII filter (MKII cuts the same if I read the schematic correctly)

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I said use MKII schematic but with HD-662F filter components & values I gave because HD-662F has different treble peak. This filter won`t cut off HD-662F sparkle but will remove sibilance and make highs more "dynamic". Just try it. If you don`t like it then you can fiddle with resistor values and tune it to your liking. All the information you need is already given.

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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

Hmmm... works for me but I will copy filter values here:

HD-662F filter mod:
r1 = r2 = 47 Ohm
r3 = r4 = 51 Ohm (56 Ohm if guitars and cymbals feel too bright)
C1 = C2 = C3 = C4 = 1.33uF (1uF // 330nF)
L1 = L2 = L3 = L4 = 470uH


Edit: Oh, and if you are going to let someone do that soldering, I strongly recommend to change stock cable! Pseudo or not

but both cans turned to better sounding after dual-entry re-cabling imho. 

So your values are close to MKIII 681F mod. Only C1-4 are different (are they?) Look - http://www.mediafire.com/view/?pdkiijey07v9ai4 (bottom of the 9th page). All Cs should be exactly 1.33uF? And what these (C) components do in filter? Sorry for all these questions, I have no idea in electronic things.

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