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I noticed that the HD669 (and probably the HD668B as well) is single entry, but has a rubber plug covering another hole of the other side of the cup.

Has anyone tried doing a dual-entry mod for the HD669/668B? The pre-existing hole would mean not having to drill. I was thinking of making it dual-entry with the jack ending a little after where the two cables join instead of it just sticking outside the left cup. That way, I'd still be able maintain cable length by attaching an extension cable should I need it.
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Originally Posted by starships View Post

How does the sound on the 681 evos compare to the 668b? I just ordered a 668b, but it hasn't shipped yet so I might change it. I was looking for neutral, analytic headphones with good soundstage.

To some of the people looking for alternative choices for the earpads, I found this through google with someone using DT990 pads on his 668b, looked them up on ebay and came across some black velour ones for $15, they look exactly like the AKG 240 pads (and are half the price). I'll probably stick with the 668b order and pick up a pair of those earpads unless someone here informs me that the evos are a better choice for me.

Here is the ebay link.

Edit: Went ahead and ordered the ear pads, might be awhile until I get them but I'll post back when I do to confirm if these fit or not.

Edit 2: Alright, just got the ear pads in. They're slightly smaller than the stock pads, about 1cm, but they fit. The flaps are stretchy enough but the outer edge has stitching on it which makes fitting them a little difficult. It ends up being about 3mm around the cup that the ear pads don't fully cover, but they're still big enough that they fit comfortably over my ears. If anything they feel more snug. Sound seems the same to me, the only downside imo is that they don't look as "factory" as the AKG pads might look, due to the size difference.

I did cause a tear on the flap of one of the pads, but it didn't affect the strength of it and it was more because of me fumbling around trying to fit it. Eventually I figured out if I sort of palm the earcup and use my fingers to hold down the flaps as I brought them over it was easy enough to fit them so the 2nd earpad was a breeze.

good soundstage-check
The 681 evo has all three of these qualities. There is no veil, it's relatively neutral with a bit of a fun bass boost(nothing intrusive, it just extends very deep)
Some complain about the highs still...I find none with them. No listening fatigue here

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Just pulled out my pair of 668B's from the garage. I packed them away after trying them for a bit last year because I remember them being very uncomfortable. Had a random urge to listen to them again, so spent 5 minutes and did a sock mod....and am loving them! I'm glad I didn't sell them - for the $40 that I spent on these they are absolutely great.

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Nice, I will try the 668B's! :D

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I can't find any ear pads for my samson SR850, I can only buy on amazon because I'm from Venezuela, and in that web page are available the ear pads of DT 770/990 only, is there any way to make that DT 770 or 990 fit?

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I though of adding some style to the otherwise plain looking HD330 and HD660. I removed the plastic labels and replaced them with veneer inlays. I did the HD330 inlay with Burmese Padauk and the HD660 with Zebrano and coated them in a layer of wood stain to add that satin look and feel.
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Very nice!
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Anybody seen this yet?


Superlux HD664


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Hey guys, looking for comfortable closed cans for work. Something detailed, a little extra bass is fine but not DT770 levels, comfort with reading glasses is more important than the best sound. A900 type sound is good, Beats by Dr Dre (currently wearing, they were free) aren't super detailed but the sound isn't too bad. I was thinking Senn Momentum, Sony R1, but this is just to block out noise at work and I don't really want to spend that kind of money if I can avoid it.


I've heard about the 662 EVO but they don't seem to be in stock anywhere yet. Any recent news? If they're out tomorrow I'll wait but news seems to have dried up.


Currently thinking the 662F's, with ebay velour pads as an option, sound like a good idea?


Edit - just ordered some 662F's from ebay, they'll probably take weeks to arrive but oh well.

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Hey can anyone compare hd660 and hd662 ?

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I still like the 688b's, but the quality of the earcups means that they are not that comfortable. Hot and sweaty during warm weather. A very good can for jazz, vocals and classical,.

Not for bassheads.

But for the price, they are the best and only thing in town. I have listened to 8 mid-fi Chinese headphone sets and none of them approach the detail level, soundstage, tone and naturalness of the 688b. All have a variety of bass and low-midrange colourations.

To get better you need to spend $80 and get the CAL!.
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How much do the HD681-EVOs leak sound?
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My 662F's arrived today, surprisingly quickly. They've had an hour of burn in, so still very early. They're not too bad, and they're pretty great for $50 headphones. Good strong bass but not too strong. Mids are decent, not super clear and a bit veiled, but not bad. Highs are there, but are probably the weakest point. Music sounds good, not quite natural, but fine. The clamping force is pretty high to the point it's a bit uncomfortable but not too bad, I'll have a go at bending them out sooner or later. They're quite warm, so I'm going to order some velour ear pads from ebay.


I'll compare with my Audeze LCD-2 once they're burned in... a headphone costing 20X as much.

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Here`s a teaser for my wooden HD-662F re-design in progress ;P


This is only a test version and needs lots fine-tuning with internal filter/filling materials probably but hope the result will be good :) 

Pads will be Olive-green velvet filled with air-tight neoprene. Oak will be "blackened" with ammonium and oiled with teak oil.

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eek.gif eek.gif eek.gif blink.gif bigsmile_face.gif

what the...? are you an engineer at superlux or something? biggrin.gif

those cups look amazing man, but i don't get where this is going to go?

the new wonder hp? seems like you have some serious skills.

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