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Has anyone found the 662 EVO for sale yet?

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Originally Posted by uncola View Post

I also want to mention my experience with Audiohipster was extremely good. He shipped these super fast to me, they went from california to hawaii in 72 hours. He also let me change my order from white to black headphones without any problems. Here's the url to his store http://www.audiohipster.com/AudioHipster/Pro_Audio_Sales.html


Another vote for Doyen (aka Audiohipster)!  I have ordered a few cans from him, and it's always been a great experience.

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How does the sound on the 681 evos compare to the 668b? I just ordered a 668b, but it hasn't shipped yet so I might change it. I was looking for neutral, analytic headphones with good soundstage.

To some of the people looking for alternative choices for the earpads, I found this through google with someone using DT990 pads on his 668b, looked them up on ebay and came across some black velour ones for $15, they look exactly like the AKG 240 pads (and are half the price). I'll probably stick with the 668b order and pick up a pair of those earpads unless someone here informs me that the evos are a better choice for me.

Here is the ebay link.

Edit: Went ahead and ordered the ear pads, might be awhile until I get them but I'll post back when I do to confirm if these fit or not.

Edit 2: Alright, just got the ear pads in. They're slightly smaller than the stock pads, about 1cm, but they fit. The flaps are stretchy enough but the outer edge has stitching on it which makes fitting them a little difficult. It ends up being about 3mm around the cup that the ear pads don't fully cover, but they're still big enough that they fit comfortably over my ears. If anything they feel more snug. Sound seems the same to me, the only downside imo is that they don't look as "factory" as the AKG pads might look, due to the size difference.

I did cause a tear on the flap of one of the pads, but it didn't affect the strength of it and it was more because of me fumbling around trying to fit it. Eventually I figured out if I sort of palm the earcup and use my fingers to hold down the flaps as I brought them over it was easy enough to fit them so the 2nd earpad was a breeze.

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Hi guys.


I am in Asia so the product names often differ.

Does anyone know the difference between these:







The 681 is for sale here and it looks just like the EVO photo.

Anyone know if the Taiwan market names them differently?


Also is the Samson that different than the 688b?


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HD681, 681B and 681F are first generation cans (B for balanced, F for flat according to the manufacturer), MKII and EVO are the same and new. It seems this new EVO model has boomy bass.


Both SR850 and HD668b have a neutral signature, but they have different drivers, 32 ohms for the Samson, 56 ohms for the Superlux.

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For anyone who wants to see the IEM models, I made an unboxing video of the HD381/B/F. 

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I'm leaning towards getting a superlux 681 evo but I've also been looking around headphones around that price range. I want over-ear headphones at 50-70 dollar price range.


I've been looking at CAL and the 681 evo mostly. What other headphones are out there? Which one should I get?

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Consider the jaycar fischer clones.. $70 after shipping and include extra pads and a case


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How is the comfort of the HD 668/669?

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Originally Posted by McNuggetsPie View Post

How is the comfort of the HD 668/669?

I have the Superlux HD669 and it's pretty good. That "3D wing" headband design is obviously taken from Audio Technica, so you'll have an idea if you tried one of those AT headphones with the same design. If not, it's an interesting design that fits on your head without you having to adjust it. The design is a "love-it-or-hate-it" thing since the auto-fit seems to be hit or miss. The wings and the padding on the HD669 are a little stiffer than the ones on the AT-AD900. As such, they may put some noticeable pressure on your head if you wear them for a long time despite its light weight (~270g).

The initial clamping force is a bit strong, but it gets better with time. The not very breathable leather padding on the cups makes a good seal for superb isolation. Unfortunately, it also means that ear sweat and/or funk will be common.

I think the main difference between the 668 and 669 is that the former is semi-open and the latter is closed, so most of the physical aspects of the 669 should also apply to the 668 (except obviously the seal and isolation).
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I have the 668b, 56 ohm, version and they are rather comfortable once you get used to them. The 'winged' head pads are auto adjustable and work for my rather large head. They do get shiny after a while if you have little hair on top. The earcups seal well and at first there was a bit of sweating but over the past month it has lessened. Grip was firm at first but has lessened and is not noticeable now.

The sound is very good, unrealistically so for something that I paid $27.06 usd for new including all shipping.

They need a good burn in of at least 100 hours and over that time the highs mids and lows 'integrate'. Before burn in all three components of sound are discrete.

The bass, however, has a synthesized one-note-fits-all tone to it. It is as though a bass synthesizer is adding a subtle 90hz (?) tone to some instruments based on the musical input. This is only on some tracks, not all. 60's and 70's recordings of rock acts. With modern rock or electronic and dance music they would be outstanding with such an added bass.

But these cans cost $27! So this is a very minor fault.
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Does anyone know how to take the HD660 or HD330 apart for recabling?

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 I would like buy my first full-size headphone. I am listening mostly classical music but also like Caro Emerald, Ryan Star, Mumford and sons, Leonard Cohen or Tom Jones. Now I moved to a dorm, so I couldn't use my audio system I used (and loved) before. I have around $70. I don't know which one can be better for me EVO or HD660...


Thanks for the help!

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I want to create a table to put here on head-fi that will gather headphone models of Chinese OEM manufacturers and all their re-branded models. If anyone is interested in contributing information please PM me.

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