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662f roll off the bass which I assume would make the mids more pronounced (and the highs)  but to be honest I am just going by the frequency response graphs and can only  report on the CAD. I have not tested the various hd662 models nor have I found someone who has. I will say that from what I have read the Superlux cans in general have a bright sound signature, some more than others. If you found them too bright I don't think it would be hard at all to find some thin foam or material to put over the driver. My CAD have a sound absorbing foam over the driver and I have never felt a need to add anything more. The bass on the CAD ( which I assume is a hd662 ) is strong but not overly exaggerated. They are certainly not mid centric like a Sennheiser hd5XX series, but few closed headphones are.

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hi, i would tell that you need add in first page another place where you can buy it.
there is all superlux products.
for example i got hd668b $40 shipped internationaly. hd380 costs under $20 and so on.
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I'm selling my Superlux 668B for $35 if anyone interested.

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I'm on the Superlux train 2 biggrin.gif  I got Superlux HD 661.


Didn't really had time 2 burn them in but I have around 40h on them. Most of it on my ears.

I got 2 say that they are amazing and "fun" sounding for 35 euros HP. Especially 4 closed hp [usually I don't like closed hp].  Good sound stage and nice instrument separation. 4 some music I use Dolby HP and it's heaven!


- Only downside is comfort. They squeeze tight and earpads are not that good and tick + they can get a little sweaty...especially when I'm on the move and have my hoody on. L3000.gif

I'll post more detailed feedback after 200+ hours. wink_face.gif


btw I have some velour ear pads around the house that are not a perfect fit [little bigger] but they can work 4 when I'm at home.

Here are some bad pictures with velour pads



















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I'm looking for some new cans since someone stole my AD700s...I liked the sound signature of those. I miss the soundstage and detail, but I hated how anemic the bass was. I would avoid dubstep and hip hop when I had those, which are two of my favorite genres... Jazz and classical blew me away with those, and sometimes various subgenres of metal but of course I was lacking the bass impact with death metal and such, so I found it better for symphonic types. 


Anyhow, enough rambling. If it is possible to compare cans to IEMs, I like the sound signature of the Denon C551 and C7xx series, the Fischer Audio Eterna, and Xears n3i. 


I want something warm and fun but retaining clarity. I am a basshead...love deep, punchy bass, but I can compromise a little. I listen to a lot of death metal, dubstep, indie, and hip hop, but I love music all across the board, so I want something versatile and not just suited to a few particular genres. You see the IEMs that I was fond of, perhaps the Eternas more than anything, and I found them great for anything I threw at them, and was pleasantly surprised by the bass. 


I like that Superlux offers semi-open cans because that style should be a good balance between bass impact and soundstage. That said, I was looking at the HD681 because they're on Amazon, but first heard of Superlux because of the 668b. Help me decide between the two, or maybe point me in a different direction in this line. 

The designs are deplorable, and I said I would never go back to pleather earpads again after being spoiled by velour, but...the prices are seducing this broke college student. basshead.gif


Nearly forgot to mention that I would occasionally be using my Minibox D to drive these (although I no longer have the power cable/charger...help?) but would primarily be running them straight out of my Zune, netbook, or PC without a soundcard.

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hd66b havent tons of bass, but normal quantity, but it has too bright treble. but for $40, nothing bad.

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i mean hd668b

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Can any1 confirm is Presonus HD7 a Superlux hd681b clone or hd668b/Samson SR850 ?! blink.gif

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Originally Posted by Don Workinson View Post

Can anyone confirm is Presonus HD7 a Superlux hd681b clone or hd668b/Samson SR850 ?! blink.gif

Looks like the Superlux HD681 with a new paint job.

The HD668B and Samson SR850 have slightly different grills.



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Yeah I know that they look like hd681 but I just want 2 make sure cause they are like 35 euros in my country and 681 are 19 euros in germany and I'm getting Beyerdynamics 200/250 velour pads from there anyway.. It's look like they are b681b

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Got a pair of HD681 and HD668B to try out. So far, nothing really stands out about them, but nothing really goes against them, either. I find this interesting because I thought they would sound similar to my Sony 7506 (which I actually dislike very much*) since I've heard so much about the enhanced treble of these phones.


The HD681 and the HD668B sound remarkably similar, though, IMO. The HD681 does dig deeper in the bass (at the cost of sounding ever so slightly muddier), and the 668B trumps the 681 during complex passages (with the 668B, you can still discern a lot of separation).


Will let you guys know after more burn-in, etc!



*but still keep around to use as comparison, since they are standards in the studio.

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Originally Posted by tendou View Post


Thanks. So based on your review itsounds more like 662 than 662f.


among the 662 series, which has the best mids, less recessed mids and better overall balance?

here's this excellent pdf from Superlux again with all the graphs and direct comparison to competitors cans they come closest to. There's some better larger graphs I think at their site.

I have to get the newer one sometime but this has all the 662 models and the others. have you seen it yet? Anyhow here it is.



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Okay, I've had some more time to play around with the 681 and the 668B now. I prefer the 681 much better for listening to music (they are also more comfortable for me!). I do like the bass response of the 681, and I feel still give a good treble and midrange presentation. The 668B in comparison sound much more forward and upfront, and sounds a bit abrasive, IMO. Bummer, because I do like the removable cables of the 668B!


The 681 is definitely a keeper, though! Showed them to a non-audiophile friend and he was amazed that they were $36.

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Yeah. I read it. Although the removable cable on 669 is nice, I think one of 662 series is right. In real life which is less bright? based on the frequency rsponse all seems a bit bright on the high frequency.

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I'm surprised AKG does not buy Superlux's headphone and slap an "AKG" label on them.

AKG could at least do a 50% markup on the prices with their label on them.

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