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The 668B looks like is inspired by the K-240DF, I hope they do sounds in this direction, or maybe the F (flat) series should sounds like the DF. Very cheap option for studio use.


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Alright, Superlux for $57 shipped or Samson for $40 shipped?

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Samson for $40 and with the other $17 buy the original AKG's pads. :)

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I own the HD668b and must admit it's a great bang for your buck headphone. For everyone in Europe, they are available from Thomann.de and Feedback.nl. Maybe this can be added to the first post? 

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Can't get 668B at Thomann.de or Feedback.nl.  They do carry the other Superlux models tho.

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Couldn't agree more, now that they've burned in, I'm completely astonished by their sound.


Not only in classical music or jazz, but also in Blu rays and games (the ones that don't have excessively compressed sound that is).


The only "downside" is that I really need to have everything in high quality otherwise it just hurts my young little ears. 

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Originally Posted by tyoung8 View Post

Can't get 668B at Thomann.de or Feedback.nl.  They do carry the other Superlux models tho.

Feedback.nl has the HD668b. I bought mine there. :) It's just not on the website yet. Just send them an email. Thomann.de used to have it last time I checked. Maybe it's temporary out of stock. Again, just email them. 

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im on board. at first i wasnt impressed by them,but after some time they somehow sound better. now they've replaced my ad700 for both music and gaming on pc.

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If I decide to get these, which AKG pads are the one's that are being suggested? Is there a specific model number I should be looking for?

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The ones that fit the the k240 or k270 if I remember correctly. People usually say the velours, however apparently even the stock akg leathers are an improvement over the stock superlux/samsons.
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Originally Posted by Ishcabible View Post

They've been holding up so far to everything, and I don't baby them. Maybe they need to stop throwing them around. tongue.gif And everything has screws and separate plastic parts, so that's not a concern of mine.


And how could they have skipped the filter mod? http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz296/solderdude/SR850filter-b.jpg http://www.rock-grotto.co.uk/HD681.pdf



The PDF listed above refers to another PDF which shows the filter schematic; Ishcabible informed me that you can find the second PDF here: http://www.rock-grotto.co.uk/HD6812.pdf.

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Alright, I've pulled the trigger on the 688Bs, but I can't seem to find those velour pads. Anyone got a link? And how easy are they to install? If it's complicated, I might just stick with the stock ones.

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Unfortunately, the only places I know to get them from are headroom(www.headphone.com) and by calling akg. But they are really expensive. 40 dollars+ shipping. They might be slightly cheaper through AKG. http://www.headphone.com/accessories/akg-k271-s-cushions-pair.php

They should be pretty easy to install.
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This is sort of close to this discussion. What are the real differences, in your opinion, between these and the 669's, besides semi-open vs. closed. Any idea on what to expect going with a set of 669's vs. these?  And of course taking into consideration the list at the top of this post that shows what they are comparable to. I figure someone must know and it would save a big search for the qualities of the Shure's they compare to. I have no personal experience with Shures.

Feel free to ignore this post if nobody knows exactly. They are so close in price. ( $6 difference ) I guess that's not really what all the hype is about so I should ignore that model.

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