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I use 631 and 681EVO for monitoring, I like them both - good bass but not cannons. I think they share the same drivers.  My genre of choice is pop though. 668B has a kind of sucked out sound to it - like it's attenuated right where my vocals are - and it's a bit annoying. The 661 emphasize treble too much and not enough bass. Other cans I've used for monitoring (to give you an idea of what I like) are the ATH-M35, MDR7506, MDRV700DJ and XS. Cans I've not liked for monitoring are PortaPro, KSC75, and Platten.

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Here are some pictures (sorry about the late reply @altrunox). I was trying to find the time to setup proper lighting to bring more details from the black unit...unfortunately that never panned out. Hope these images are ok.












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Oh, forgot a closeup of the driver..now added! :wink:


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Ey thanks! They look nice for the price, I guess. BTW, nice pictures too.

I'll probably get one in white.


Just one last thing, any more impressions about the sound?

Considering what you said before, seens like you liked then more than the amperior.


Ops, another question, are they easy to power?

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Yes, I would recommend the colored ones for anybody interested in the HD562 ;) - the black is quite unappealing! After more listening time, the bass has gotten a bit tighter and the treble a bit more refined.The headphone can be driven easily, though my O2 added a bit more clarity and definition. The 562 is very much along the lines of the Amperior, though lacking in resolution. The amperior also has a "brassy" tone with sharper treble and very pacy which makes it "difficult" for long listening sessions. The 562 is fast but more relaxed than the Amperior and with relatively smoother highs - so it is easier for longer listening sessions. The build quality is doubtful though, my left earcup is sliding too easily and there seems to be no way of tightening it :-(.

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Well that is defintly interesting, as soon as I get it I'll post some impressions, althought due to brazilian super slow custom service it may take two or three month

Well, better late than never.

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